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Zoella: How Much Money Does Zoella Make

Updated on March 4, 2017
Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella) - one of the richest and best known internet stars on the planet
Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella) - one of the richest and best known internet stars on the planet

Zoella, A Princess of the Internet

Zoella started her channel on YouTube when she was a teenager and ever since has been uploading daily channel videos that appeal to younger women who aspire to have a similar lifestyle as the presenter herself.

Zoella uploads makeup tutorials, shop haul videos, and video blogs (also known as vlogs). This is something that Zoella finds joy in showing off to her rather large 11 million subscriber channel.

Zoella is a personality on the internet that has amassed her large, loyal following from uploading quirky, fun, enlightening videos that appeal to her young women (aged 15-25) audience.

Zoella is fun, frantic, eccentric, and has improved the quality of her videos by having professional equipment, lighting and microphone set-up that makes her videos extremely enjoyable and easy to watch.

Zoella is also a magnet for the YouTube end of the internet, having a boyfriend named Alfie Deyes who also has his own internet YouTube channel called Pointless Blog, Pointless Blog Vlogs and Pointless Blog Games. And, to top it off with excitement for the young internet star her brother Thatcher Joe also has his own successful YouTube channel simply called Thatcher Joe.

Zoella is extremely well liked among the vlogging community, having family members also successfully involved in their own careers on the subject and a worldwide following that keeps their monthly income rolling in.

Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella) - How Much is Zoella Worth - Zoe Sugg's net worth is estimated to be at around £3 million.
Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella) - How Much is Zoella Worth - Zoe Sugg's net worth is estimated to be at around £3 million.

Zoella, Where the Money Comes From

Asset Summary

Zoella, for those who are shrugging their shoulders with disbelief that any YouTube star could be worth all that much might be surprised to hear that Zoella (and her boyfriend, Alfie Deyes) recently bought their new home in Brighton for a million pounds. Not too shabby for an internet star.

Also, Zoella and her boyfriend, Alfie Deyes both own Mini's and have an expensive 4x4 car to get the extra storage space in the boot, which as you might expect comes as little shock given the amount of money that internet stars can make these days.

That more or less sums up the internet stars assets, but we would not be too surprised if we were to hear that Zoella owns other properties given that she had another property before the one she and her boyfriend bought together.

Income Summary

It has been estimated that from the 22 million average views that Zoella's channel gets each month she earns roughly £15,000 from ad revenue. This is said to be her most secure income and should come as little surprise given that on a single video upload her videos average at 1.5m views.

However, this seems to be the lesser part of her income as it has been estimated that Zoella earns around about the £50,000 figure each month meaning that the ad revenue is not the only revenue stream that the star currently has to her name.

And, after a few hours of research it becomes clear that the internet star, Zoella, is also making big bucks from product placements in her videos which can pay her up to £20,000 for a single product advertisement in one of her YouTube videos. An insane amount of money to make given that it is such a minor task in hand. Although, well earned given that it is never going to be an easy task to keep 11 million subscribers entertained and pleased with her channel directions.

"According to The Sunday Times, new account figures show she earned a profit of almost £400,000 in the eight months to November 2014"

Living a Good Life, with Zoella

Zoella also profited nicely from her first book, Girl Online, her book debut that sold more than 78,109 copies in its first week of release. A book that currently costs £3.85 to buy new on Amazon, but at the time of release will have likely costed somewhere between £5-8 for paperback and £10-15 for hardback copies.

Some of her fans however were slightly disappointed as it was found out that Zoella had used a ghost writer to write the book for her. Not a major deal in the book writing world as this is something that happens a lot, especially among first time book writers who have busy careers elsewhere in their entertainment end of the industry.

How much is Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella) Worth?

Zoella has a net worth estimated at around £3 million, through money she has earned from her YouTube channel ad revenue stream, book sales, product placements, and her beauty line range that has been released into Superdrug stores across the UK and Ireland.

"Zoella released her first book, Girls Online, with Penguin in 2014 and she shifted 78,109 copies in the first week"

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      Gadfly 4 months ago from Olde London Towne

      Fair play to Zoella. What a delightful 'elfin' young Lady!