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a brief history of qr codes

Updated on September 22, 2013

what are these little square thingys?

This lens will give many of you a brief introduction to the little square checkered box's you've been seeing popping up in magazines and online


so maybe the next time you seen one you'll scan it with your mobile and find a new way to access information fast

Scan this with your mobile
Scan this with your mobile

history of the qr code

The Qr Code was first invented by a company called Denso wave over a decade ago in 1994 that was first designed to be a code easily read by scanner equipment and to contain more information than the standard bar code which has been in use since 1974.

A Qr Code can carry up to seven hundred times the information of standard bar code thanks to it being able to carry information both vertically and horizontally.

Bar codes have become hugely popular around the globe due to their fast reading speed and data accuracy, but as their popularity increased and started to proliferate into supermarkets, haulage company's, airlines there came a greater call for more information to be carried within the codes various different changes were made to the existing bar code design but along with these changes came complications and reading errors and also increased printing costs.

The 2D code was invented to help increase the data held 2D because in a bar code the data in held only in the horizontal axis but in Denso Waves newly invented Qr Code the information could be stored vertically and horizontally which is why sometimes Qr Codes are called 2D bar codes or fast response codes.

Qr codes have built in error correction and the ability to restore in formation should the code become damaged or unreadable in some way shape or form.

In 2002 Japanese mobile phone networks and handset manufactures had an inclination to make the camera included within most mobile phones at the time into a portable bar code scanner able to take the user directly to web addresses or store contact information even to discount codes and pictures.

3Gvision's bar code reader, now known as i-nigma was created and pre-installed in handsets supplied by all of Japan's main mobile handset manufacturers in collaboration with them -to the specification of the Japanese network operators.

As a result, this bar code reader has become the standard for camera phones in Japan -in over 80 million handsets, with over 90% market share creating a marketplace phenomenon that the rest of the world is now embracing In Japan, all cellphones are able to scan QR Codes. McDonald's utilizes them to display nutrition for it is food products. It is a quick and simple way of getting the nutrition info for the burger on your telephone and saves thousands of dollars annually on printing expenses.

Qr codes are now starting to enter the market more and more in the western world and are now being adopted by individuals as well as business's as a way of transferring contact details, coupons. And are only going to get more popular as time goes by and as more and more people hear about and use them please visit and start your qr code journey today.

qr codes on blackberrys

this is a brief description on how to get qr codes working on blackberry's

Where Do You get QR Codes From?

A website dedicated to adding fresh and new qr codes every day

Whats The Best Phone To Scan A QR Code on ?

lets see which mobile users scan the most qr codes

I know what a QR Code is and i scan them using my

See results

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    • hostillian profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @kyakingwizz: yea dead link to a dead site dead good.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      thanks for stopping by and liking my lens i love that you've written about qr codes most people have no idea what they are


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