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About Being Reliant on Twitter

Updated on April 11, 2009

Maybe I should have titled this stop living through Twitter and get a life. Don't get me wrong as one of the original first year Twitter users, I have an affection for it. I like chocolate too but if I ate as much as some people tweet, I'd be dead. Yet, I don't know if moderation is the answer.

Tweet day

Twitter is an obsession for many. Just like in the video way too many tweets are from twits. That is to be expected. When blogs broke out many more were “What my cat did today.” The same with podcasting and video. It would be obvious to anyone the same people let alone phenomena would permeate Twitter.

The Twitter real world conundrum

People who are fiercely private tweet their most intimate life events on Twitter. Twitter is a service where anyone can go online and read your tweets. Basically, that puts privacy out the window. Still confronting a person about those intimate tweets in the real world is a considered an invasion of privacy. As I find of mine puts it, “I actually get it that they don't get it.”

What twitter can do for you

I have to laugh when people tell me Twitter is for kids. The recent demographics are clear. Presently, Twitter surge is in the 45-54 year old sector for which I barely qualify. Unfortunately, not in my preferred way of being at the threshold of the in door. That would mean I'm not even close to being a kid age-wise. A necessary qualifier when it comes to me. Twitter can speed up your information delivery. Dealing with the kids, the boss and the co-workers in 140 characters or less is a god send. They can't ask you to explain because you really can't get indepth. I'm even worse because I refuse to learn fluent texting. So lol on you. It also places the burden on my tweet sender to have english language clarity. The consequences are the results being “Oh, that's what you meant.” Nothing like hammering the kids back with their own “I didn't know” weapon. Still Twitter can transcend the mundane and the trivial as well.

Scheduling and business

I delineate when then both do overlap. Clubs, meetups, dates, whatever can be tweeted up in a matter of seconds. You can actually organize your life, keep tabs and up to date in a glance. The important stuff is right there in front of you in a matter seconds. You don't have to shift through the embellishments, just the core information. Life just sped up 1000xs with the advent of 140 character communication.

Use Twitter with purpose

I might qualify this to “Use Twitter On Purpose”. It's obvious that Demi Moore and Aston Kutcher are more famous for their tweets than their movies. Do either one have one coming out or are they too busy tweeting away to the public. Twitter is a tool. You really don't have to try hard to make it work for you in your life. Start with groups of friends. Parents can network to make sure the kids are covered. Better yet a quick check up on whether that sleep over is actually happening or if their will be someone overseeing that party. Twitter can be a kids best friend. Meet ups on the fly. Mom just changed her mind again? Okay, what do we do about this. The point is by applying Twitter to your life effectively you can live proactively in area you never could before. So forget the “I am walking to the front” tweets. Twitter with reason and as all you Stars Wars fans like to hear, “The force be with you.”

How Do You Use Twitter

See results

The darkside

Cheating made easy. The element of surprise can be neutralized. My favorite the misinterpreted tweet. The quick disconnect blow them off tweet. The world of Twitter is not all roses. I am waiting for the first news report of the bonehead bank robber who tweets his getaway. I already heard the story about the man who tweeted working overtime on his secretary. It wasn't bad enough someone retweeted so his wife could see. She found the secretaries online Twitter page. Next the kids that tweet porn fantasies have created a new age dilemma. Not only can they be busted by their parents but their parents can be prosecuted under child porn laws. We're in the Capt, Kirk zone long before Star Trek times. Talk about going where no one has gone before. I can't wait to see how they untangle that one. And of course as they have found drug cartels are utilizing YouTube can Twitter be far behind. Could it be it's not exactly behind at all? My biggest fear and with good reason, will stalking be made easier with the use of Twitter. The darkside is a limitless as the good side.

Twitter longevity indicators

The biggest are Google overture rumors. The next is business are cascading forward into the Twitter zone. Imagine less supervision for teams of road salespeople. Companies are instituting centralizing overseeing their sales force. Twitter actually gives companies the leverage to control and keep tabs with less middle management manpower. Instant activity reporting. As I see the potential that is only a pinpoint of the operations improvement that can be made with the use of Twitter. The expansion possibilities during even hard economic times like these become more realistic.

Am I reliant on Twitter?

Yes, I use Twitter as a tool for my daily endeavors. No, I don't follow the celebrity fare or the mundane. I follow people who want to contribute to life and living. Each with their own different reason and perception. They help me do what I do. I write, I produce, I create and share thoughts in life, living and fun. So catch my tweets ( and see how we can share and add to life together.


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    • Elsa is Elsa profile image

      Elsa is Elsa 9 years ago from Anywhere - Canada most of all

      I've always had a hard time with chitchat - but I got caught in by the social media hubbub.I tried Facebook and Twitter. But I'm much more attracted to things that last - like these Hubpages. Thanks for this page.