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Adobe Touch Apps

Updated on April 24, 2013

Touchscreen Using Adobe Apps

Bringing Creativity To Our Finger Tips

One year back in October Adobe had released its touch apps family, which is a collection of six tools from Adobe Creative Suite to make tablet experience more creative. They had released those touch apps for Android in the market, any tablet running Android 3.1 of higher can use those apps. The sextet released for Android include six most used and creative application from adobe and those are, Photoshop Touch, Adobe Debut, Adobe Proto, Adobe College, Adobe Ideas, and Adobe Kuler. These creative applications brings the professional level creativity to the Android tablet users, you can even sync and store your creative ideas to the Adobe Creative Cloud.

What Are The Adobe Touch Apps?

Adobe Touch Apps give you the freedom of be creative even when you are on the move. You don’t have to stick to your desktop or the laptops now to design, edit or share. The new touch apps for Android address multiple areas of creativity, you can edit your images, review and present you work, and you can draw sketches, explore various color themes, and create prototypes and wire-frame models of a mobile and web app on your Android tablet. These touch apps are designed to work with both styles and finger touch.

Features & Components of Adobe Touch Apps

The Adobe Touch Apps include six creative applications from Adobe Creative Suite designed especially to tablet users. Let us have a look on the apps inside this Sextet Suite.

· Adobe Photoshop Touch: This app lets you to edit and combine images; you also will be able to apply the professional effects of Photoshop. And you can do all this from your Android tablet or iPad. It also allows you to share the creation with your family and friends through social media sites like Facebook. It allows you to work on the larger files up to 12mp with higher resolution. You can fill an area on a layer when using your tablet camera.

· Adobe Debut: This app lets you to elegantly present the Adobe Creative Suite designs to your clients anywhere with complete control. With the help of this app you will be able to present Hi-Fi Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign files without any need of file conversion. A pen tool is included to markup your designs and you can also opt to view your work at original sizes.

· Adobe Proto: With this app you will be able to create interactive prototypes and wireframe models of any mobile app or a website on your tablet anywhere. It uses well known CSS grid system and you will also be equipped to use latest WebKit & jQuery support.

· Adobe College: This app allow you to create modern moodboards by combining images, Text, drawings or any media files from Adobe Creative Suite. This can import PSD, PDF and all files directly into a creation.

· Adobe Ideas: This is an ideal tool with which you can design anytime using vector, layer, and color themes and import it into Illustrator or Photoshop. You can work up to 10 drawing layers.

· Adobe Kuler: This is an extension of Adobe Kuler service; it allows you to create color themes which can inspire any design project. This app gives you facility to create explore and experiment with color themes.

What Makes It Special For A Tablet?

These Adobe Touch Apps has transformed the way people use the tablet. Apps tablets are not for only surfing internet and playing games, it has become a powerful device for expression and creativity. There are lots of features included especially for tablet users which make it a perfect app for a tablet. These touch apps are also very economic since each app comes for only $9.99 for an android user.

The scribble selection added in the app makes the extraction of objects from any image very easy, and the special edge refining technology you can select even hard to select areas now. The integration with Facebook and Google image search allows you to share your creation instantly.

It also allows seamlessly transition between desktop and tablets with the help of Adobe Creative Cloud. You can access your files from anywhere anytime because of Adobe Creative Cloud.

Finally, if you are creative or artist in nature then this could be the best application suit for your android tablet.


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    • Sandyspider profile image

      Sandy Mertens 5 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

      Hi Glenn, Glad you are doing better on HubPages. I a still on both sites and then some.

      Glad to have helped here. Adobe does have some nice apps and software. And $9.95 for apps is a good deal.

    • Glenn Stok profile image

      Glenn Stok 5 years ago from Long Island, NY

      Sandy, I remember you from Squidoo. I have since then moved all my articles over to HP as I'm doing better here.

      I found your hub on Adobe Touch apps very useful since I've been using a few free apps to design some images to use in my hubs. But I never was very satisfied with any of them.

      It's worth it to pay $9.95 for Adobe Photoshop Touch on a tablet. That's nothing compared to how much it costs for it on a desktop. I have the third-generation iPad and I see that they have a version for this too. I just checked in the App Store. So I plan to give it a try.

      You gave a lot of helpful information here which makes it easy to make a buying decision. Great work. Voted up.