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Amazon Instant Video Loading Error Message

Updated on June 25, 2012

Are you getting this error message? Does your instant video get stuck loading?

I am an Amazon Prime Subscriber. I signed up because I liked the idea of watching movies & TV online for free... Of course it's actually $79 a year but you also get free 2-day shipping, so it's a pretty good deal for the price, right?

Anyway, recently I've been getting this error message. It says, "Amazon Instant Video... Loading Video..." and it doesn't resume right away. My solution is to reload the page, which reloads the video, and fortunately that solves the problem. So maybe you should try that solution if you are having this connecting problem too.

But I'm writing this page because I'm curious how widespread this problem is and what the possible causes are. Maybe you even have a suggestion or a fix idea?

Photo: This is a screen capture I did on my Blackberry Playbook tablet when I encountered this error message in the middle of Neelix talking (Star Trek Voyager).

Is it frustrating you, too?

How often do you get this video loading error message?

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Amazon Instant Video is Great.... or Not? - Let me know your opinion!

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Would you recommend Amazon Instant Video to a friend?

My Experience with Amazon Prime Membership

During my one month free trial, I streamed TV shows and did not get the "loading" error message, not even once. I was impressed by it. So I signed up.

A few weeks after my free trial ended, and after paying the $79, I started getting the loading error about every 20-30 minutes. It was the exception that I could watch a full hour TV show without getting an error.

Is it because my free trial ended, or is it because it's now summertime and more people are watching Amazon video?

I don't know....

It is easier to deal with than scratched disks that won't play, but it would be nice if Amazon's servers weren't overloaded.

As for the other benefit of Amazon Prime Service - the free 2 day shipping - I've been VERY impressed. I've received packages by USPS, UPS, and even Fedex 2-Day with Saturday delivery!

Movies & TV Shows that are free with Amazon Prime

Have you ever paid for an Amazon Video and received the video loading or other error message?

Do you encounter video connection problems with Netflix, Hulu Plus, or any other video streaming services?

These questions might help me and others to know how prevalent server time-out or connection problems are with internet streaming. Thanks, in advance, for your thoughtful comments!

A Few More Questions for You

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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Amazon Video works fine on our Kindles, but it almost never works on our television. Facebook, You Tube, Netflix and Twitter all work fine on the television.