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an alternative energy before our eyes

Updated on September 30, 2008

An alternative energy before our eyes

A tremendous volume of available energy lies right before our eyes and is moving freely across the surface of the oceans, endlessly. Ocean waves are what I am talking about and may be looked upon as an endless supply of energy that can be harnessed and used for the generation of electrical power and with harmful emissions registering zero. The primary application would be in shipping, allowing that fuel to be applied elsewhere. The energy lies in the waves' "natural lift" that rises from the bottom of their troughs to the top of their peaks, results from the forces of wind and gravity. Harnessing energy from "wave lift" may be accomplished by any of several methods via mechanical, hydraulic, electrical or pneumatic "concepts of transfer" designed to change "lift" energy into "rotating" energy that would fit or accommodate electrical generators of the rotary type. The generated power could then be used by electric drive motors that could be coupled directly or indirectly to the ship's drive propellers.


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