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Domino 7 Unable to Start and Show "PANIC: existing named shared memory region size is too small"

Hi Experts, I have a problem about Lotus Domino 7.2, our server suddenly show up "PANIC: existing named shared memory region size is too small", after that all users unable connect to the server. The server crashed once before and we just re-install the Domino server, for the other side I am making a replication from the other server for the corrupt database.... We already try to restart the server but still showing the same error and unable to start the Domino. Finally we found some error log in "sysinfo_W32I_server_2013_07_15@21_25_53.log" and talking about.... Do you have any idea to fi


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Best Answer marcellmagyar says

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2 years ago
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    JeskoAckermann 2 years ago

    You've been very kind in your efforts to help. Thanks for that. Solved!