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Tell me is it fake traffic or real?

I shared a blog post about "How to have a professional and friendly tattoo removal" on Stumbleupon some weeks ago. It is a newly published blog, and I don't have much traffic on it. The biggest source of traffic as I see in Blogger Stats is related to Stumbleupon with URLs such as , Besides these traffic sources I don't have any other major source, and I wonder if this too is real or fake traffic? Would you please let me know if this traffic seemingly from stumbleupon is real or fake because I don't have any real engagement activity.


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Robbin (billdales) says

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16 months ago
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    Naveed Ahmed (Naveed Ahmed 624) 15 months ago

    I reckoned it was fake because I didn't see any real user engagement like shares or comments nor impressions in AdSense reporting; whereas the traffic was high comparatively according to Blogger stats.

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