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Apple Applications - Free Apple Software

Updated on August 16, 2010

Note: This hub has no commercial intentions. It only tries to alleviate the process for those who are searching for apple applications by naming the best of FREE apple software.

Travelling & Tourism


Warns you about speed cameras, police officers and other road traps.


Augmented reality application that finds and displays hotels, restaurants, cafes, cinemas on the map and provides the basic information about famous landmarks near you.



This application enables you to record videos with your Apple and send them live on the Internet. You'll also be able to discuss with your viewers.


Music player that not only allows you to listen to music but also displays lyrics of a song. PS Mobile Mobile version of Photoshop. Allows you to edit your pictures and publish them online.


Turns your Apple phone into a remote control. Allows to control programs on your PC. Remote Another application allowing you to control iTunes music player on your PC from distance.



Apple application full of the latest information on all kinds of sports. Provides results, schedules, standings, tables, news, photos, interviews and a whole lot of other useful stuff.  

Formula 1 Live Racing 2010

All about F-1. Latest news, tracks, drivers info, results, standings and so on.

Live Score

For reall football fans who want to keep in touch with the football world 24/7. Provides results from all over the world.

News & Information


E-book reader allowing you to read e-books on your phone.


The largest encyclopedia of films on the Net. You can find all information about your favourite movies, actors, TV series or shows via your phone.  


Not much comments on this one. Simply the mobile version of Wikipedia - giant encyclopedia on the Internet.

Internet & Chatting


Application that allows you to connect with your friends on Skype or ICQ, send them messages and call.

Tweet Mic Lite

If you're tired of typing messages on Twitter, why not to record them instead? This applications allows you to do just that.

Twitter 3

Free Apple applicatiom allowing you to post and read Twitter messages.


iTalk Recorder

Allows you to record audio files and transfer them to your computer later. Evernote An application for taking and managing your notes. It also allows to store the notes on your PC or the Net.

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