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apple ipad laptop tablet

Updated on February 7, 2010

Apple Ipod

Apple Ipad
Apple Ipad

Apple Ipad

Announced on the 27th of January from Apple is the New Ipad. The ipad is a complete laptop solution with everything built into a main screen like a tablet.

The Ipad allows full browser capabilities, with a huge display, and intuitive on screen keyboard.

You can view a full on screen website in one easy go, as well as view youtube videos in full screen high definition.

There is in built calender as well as lots of other lifestyle options in Ipad, and everything in the ipod is apples trademark easy design functionality.

The dimensions of the screen are:

1/2 inch thin

Weighs 1.5 pounds lighter than any laptop

1ghz apple CPU

9.7" dispay HDMI

10 Hours of battery life.

16-64 gb of flash storage, so there is no moving parts.

Its easy to view your photos on the Ipad, and its just like having a ipod loaded onto your screen.

Your music Mp3 collection is easily played and synchronized with your Ipod, as the Ipad can connect wireless or use usb.

Apple Ipad Vote

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Apple Ipad Internet Browsing

The Ipad comes with the standard edition of Apples internet browser safari.

Safari is a popular browser for PC, but safari is really Apples Flagship browser.

Once the IPad is released there will be hacks available like the IPhone unlocking hack. Enabling people to install any software they wanted on the iphone. 

With IPad hacking software you will be able to run different browsers.

There will be a large homebrew scene building up in the ipad community.

Ipad itunes store

Ipad itunes store
Ipad itunes store

Ipad KeyBoard Screen

Ipad KeyBoard Screen
Ipad KeyBoard Screen

Bejeweled on the Ipad

Bejeweled on the Ipad is the number one reason that IPADs sell in millions
Bejeweled on the Ipad is the number one reason that IPADs sell in millions

Playing Games on the Apple Ipad

Playing Games on the Apple Ipad is great, as you have access to the library of Iphone software and games. They are call compatible. The Ipad has a pixel doubling feature that allows it to increase the pixels to enlarge the games to the ipad screen. There is all the same benefits of IPad gaming, as Iphone. The Ipad has Movement detection features, so it can be used a steering wheel for games such as the need for speed on the ipad.

The Number one selling reason though the IPAd will be a best seller is for this game here. Bejeweled on the Ipad and iphone.


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