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Backing up Your Android Data

Updated on July 7, 2012
backup Android
backup Android

Why to Backup Android

What would happen if your Android phone stopped running properly or got a virus and it erased all of your information? What if you drop your phone into a puddle or jump into a pool forgetting your Android phone is in your pocket? All of your information would be lost and almost impossible to get back. If you has priceless photos of your children or loved ones on there, they could potentially be gone forever! There is a way to avoid this! You should backup android at least once a week so if the event something bad happens, all of your information will be saved!

Backing up your android can easily be done on your phone and it basically sends all of your photos, videos, contacts, etc. right to your computer or even stores it online. This lets you ensure all of your information will be safe and secure even if your phone breaks or gets stolen or damaged. It takes a few minutes to set up and can save your countless hours of frustration down the road. The best part is, when you decide to buy a new phone in a few months or a few years, all of that backed up information can then be easily sent right to your new phone!

Android backup should be done by anyone who has an android device. There is no reason you should not take full advantage of this feature. Even if you think your phone is safe there is always a chance that you could lose your phone or someone could steal it and you can then say goodbye to all of your information. Just do a simple search engine search about backing up android and follow the step by step directions for your device. You can then decide how often to back it up so if you add contacts on a weekly basis it can constantly be backing your information up to keep it up to date. It is something everyone should do.

You can rest easier at night knowing all of your information is safe and secure. You know how long it takes to get back all of this information. Say you meet an attractive male or female at a bar one night and enter their number into your phone. Then the next day you run over your phone on accident and you didn’t backup your contacts! Now how can you possibly call that person to try and setup a date? Without android backup it would not be possible. So take the few minutes out of your day and be sure to use android backup. It will save you time and energy down the road.

How To Backup Android

Backup Android

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How To Backup Android

One of the best backup apps, available on the market, is Titanium Backup Pro. It is an amazing app that allows you to backup just about everything, contacts, files and even WiFi settings. Unfortunately it requires root access to work and since rooting your Android device is a little complicated, I won't explain in this section how to use this app. The next best application you can use to backup your Android device, is MyBackup. It is one of the easiest backup Android apps there is. And it works on just about every Android device, doesn't matter if you have the cheapest Android tablet or an expensive fancy Android phone.

This app is very easy to use, so there isn't much to explain. After you install and run MyBackup, you will have five options:

  • Backup
  • Restore
  • Manage
  • View
  • Schedule

These options pretty much do what the name suggest. To make a backup, select the "Backup" option. If you want to restore a backup, select the "Restore" option. The "Manage" option allows you to manage app settings. To see all the available backups, select the "View" option. The last option "Schedule" is used to set up a recurring backup routine.

Now you don't have any more excuses. Make a backup of your Android device, it's the safest thing to do.

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