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Increase The Battery Power Of Your iPhone With Smart Backup

Updated on May 22, 2013

If you've ever missed a call because your battery died, there is an iPhone accessory that you will love, the rechargeable Smart Backup Battery for iPhone.

The smart backup battery is a functional solution for delivering emergency power to your iPhone. Just snap it on and it begins to charge instantly. You can use the iPhone while it is charging.

It works as a secondary battery than an actual charger. Once it is powered up the backup battery will hold its charge until you need it.

When the iPhone batery is between 10 - 20% charge you plug the smart backup battery into the iPhone. Within minutes it is up to 75% charge. And in far less than an hour the iPhone is fully, or nearly fully charged.

When you plug the smart backup battery into a power source, the iPhone and the battery are charged together.

Smart Backup Battery For iPhone.
Smart Backup Battery For iPhone.

The backup battery is small enough to slip into your pocket or a bag for easy portability. This is a great accessory to keep with you all the time.

In the market you will find a number of those. Here we take a look at the best of them.

In addition to the battery itself the charger comes with an USB cable to charge the backup battery and optionally a wall charger and others adaptors if any.

IMP500 - 5000mAh

This is probably the most powerful iPhone external battery in the market. Extend the 3G iPhone movie time up to 38 hours and audio playing time up to 180 hours.

If you are a frequent traveler you can use this battery to watch many movies in the airplane and doesn't need to worry about the battery life.

It doesn't connect directly onto the Iphone but through a cord and an adaptor, it is good because the connector is not forced.

Certified for iPhone.

How to charge the unit

The backup battery pack can be easily charged up through any USB port from a PC. Doesn't come with wall charger, it should be bought separated or the wall charger of the iPhone can be used.

iPWR - 1800mAh

Is probably the most powerful iPhone backup battery on the market with smallest dimension. It is small and has a clean, low profile.

It can extend playtime of up to 31 hours of music, 9 hours of video, or 6.5 hours of talk.

Is small and compact enough to keep connected to your iPhone while you're using it. The grip is pretty tight but it would get loose over time.

Certified for iPhone.

How to charge the unit

It can be recharged through MiniUSB cable (included) with computer or USB charger.

RichardSolo - 1800mAh

Much more powerful than older RichardSolo models. Extends the iPhone life a few hours, recharges the battery very quickly.

It features the ability to charge your iPhone but also will act as a flashlight or laser pointer.

Charge the iPhone to about 65% from dead in a relatively short period of time.

Has a latching mechanism that holds the iPhone and battery in place. Not an ideal solution, instead of releasing upon impact the force is transferred to the iPhone’s connector.

A device something big as to charge and speak at the same time.

Certified for iPhone.

How to charge the unit

Comes with a retractable USB cable, dual-USB car charger, and AC wall charger. The USB cable is retractible up to 2 feet at full lenght. Its fully compatible with iphone's USB plug adapter. There are also three LED lights that illuminate based on how much charge is left in the battery.

3GJuice - 1800 mAh

It compliments the phone very nicely and comes in a very presentable, compact package.

Extend the 3G iPhone talk time up to 12 hours, and browser time up to 8 hours. Can hold a charge for 9 months when not in use. Has OFF-button for real shut down.

The major concern is the way it connects to the iPhone. Once inserted the battery shake with only light contact. Both really should remain on a flat surface so as to not risk snapping the connection.

This is not a solution for people who need to recharge and speak at the same time.

Certified for iPhone.

How to charge the unit

Can be reloaded through a mini-USB cable (included) or the normal iPhone-charger. Slow to recharge, charging the battery takes several hours. No battery remaining indicator

Final Advice

You will find models with more capacity and cheaper, but these are not certified for Apple. Stay away from these, because you will put in risk your iPhone.

If you use your iPhone a lot then you need a battery backup device. The smart backup battery is one of those items that you don't know you need until you have it. Provides a simple and wonderful extension of your battery when you need it most.


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