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Bar Vending Machines

Updated on September 8, 2012

Every decent bar has a bar vending machine.These vending machines can bring money to the owner of the vending machines and full the stomach of the client.In fact a bar vending machine can make you a lot of money, if you choose the right vending machines.It can also save your client´s money, and that can be a big hit!But just to keep the excitement up, I will explain it later on.

Vending machines also great more comfortable atmosphere and make clients feel more secure as well.Bar vending machines can, and probably will boost sales.One of my closest friends, who is also a bar owner, recently bought a unique vending machine, and the vending machine became a huge hit all over the town.


It was even on the local news!!
It was even on the local news!!

Breathalyzer vending machine

This vending machine can save lives and it can also make you some money.

This is the vending machine that became a great hit, and it can also save your client´s life and money, because it´s not cheap to get caught driving drunk.

For $1 who wouldn't check their BAC levels, Just for fun?!?! Interested in the business side? By having only 10 machines up and charging $1 per test: 55 Uses / Month X (10) Alco-Checkpoint's = 1550 Uses/Month Minimum leaves you with $1100-$4300+ a MONTH! You can charge between $1-$4 per test while your cost is less than a penny per straw!A box of 500 straws costs $3.The bar vending machine can hold up to 600 straws!

This machine has more than 5 different languages to choose from!From experience I can say that this is also a very durable product.

Internal cleaning system eliminates any prior breath samples after each test. An anti-condensation system prevents condensation from entering the machine after each test.

This product has only 5 star ratings on Amazon, and a bunch of good reviews.Here´s few:

"We bought a few of these at put them up around town at local bars just to try them out and it was a huge hit. I would definitely recommend them! "

"I have a few of these up around town where I live at local bars and they bring in pretty decent money! "

"There would be so many less alcohol related accidents if they had these at all bars!"

Mini vending machines

If you don´t want a big vending machine at your bar you can always get a mini vending machine.Of course they will pay for themselves faster, than a big vending machine, and mini vending machines can also create a better atmosphere.

One of the best mini vending machines to put to your bar is a mint vending machine.The mint machine is a replica from the 1920s and is the perfect addition to any vending business, store or bar. This versatile machine will vend mint candy, and mint tablet gum as well as any of our other bulk candies and tablet gum flavors. This machine serves all ages from adults down to the littlest kids. The Mint Machine features an all-metal, chrome-plated body and a coin mechanism guaranteed for life. Its compact yet attractive size makes it ideal for placing anywhere.

Vending machine

What´s cooler than having a full-size vending machine at your bar, it can become a hit and earn your money back in few months.

Besides vending machine you will also need goods to fill the vending machine.You should get something, that the client can only get at your vending machine, something unique, something innovative, something cool and something totally bizarre.You´ll need to draw your client´s attention.

I recommend buying candy bras.That´s right, candy bras!!Bras made from cany.That will get a lot of attention and it will proablably become a huge hit.


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