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Teach Yourself To Play Jazz Piano

Updated on September 22, 2014

Teach Yourself To Play Jazz Piano

Welcome to this Squidoo Lens about teaching Yourself to play jazz piano. You will discover some very useful information about the 12 basic jazz piano major and minor musical scales, techniques, beginner's chords, and practicing scales and chords. You will find other links to more websites with in depth information about learning to play the piano and learning jazz piano.

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Where You Should Start When Teaching Yourself To Play Jazz

The first thing you need to understand before teaching yourself piano jazz is that it is hard work to be a successful pianist. The art of playing jazz on the piano requires many hours of practicing and work. But the rewards can be great if you practice hard enough. Required is a lot of practice and time playing the piano. Knowledge required is basic piano, music theory, concept of scales, playing chords, and triads.

Begin by focus on learning the 12 basic piano jazz major and minor musical scales. A major element of principles and techniques that will require practicing are the musical scales.

Teach Yourself to Play Jazz On The Piano

To teach yourself to play jazz on the piano you must Learn how to play the basic of jazz music, which involves learning basic piano theory, learning the 12 basic scales and their associated triads.

Begin by spending time each day practicing scales on the piano with right hand only. When you begin to feel comfortable playing the the scales with your right hand beginning practicing them with your left hand.

When you can play scales with your right and left hand, begin using both hands together to play scales up and down the keyboard. You should start slowly with both hands until you feel comfortable playing them.

Learning to play jazz music is a long-term journey and a commitment.

A good way to teach yourself is by listening to different styles of jazz and blues music and trying to play the music while listening.

Set aside a specific time each day to practice jazz music.

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Teach Yourself Jazz Piano improvisation

Begin by improvising different rhythms with the right hand with just middle C.

Then you can add one more note at a time while working your way up the blues scale. This approach will allows you to improvise with through an easy approach. Continue this process until you can play five notes with just the right-hand.

For Improvisation on piano you will need play with the left-hand as well. Begin with a practicing repeating left-hand pattern that provides a little bit of rhythm and some harmonic context.

Blues and jazz piano improvisation does not have to be difficult when you are getting started. If you want to improvise on the keyboard, you will have to do a lot of daily practicing and listening to different pieces of jazz music.

Teach Yourself Jazz Rhythms

You need to educate yourself on the rhythm of jazz. The heart and soul of jazz is the capability to maintain the beat. Teach yourself to play the piano by ear to obtain a real feel for it's rhythm. This will include a real excitement to music you play. Once you develop the skills, you can play the melody and bass for jazz piano playing music. To further develop it is helpful to listen to different styles of jazz music by different jazz pianist . That will give you a feel for the different styles of melodies the great pianists played.

To make your music vibrant you have learn to play the rhythms. You can learn the rhythms by reading sheet music and vocalizing the rhythms. you should also teach yourself to keep the beat of the music using a metronome or tapping you foot.

Develop your listening skills to be able to distentions between the difference in jazz melodies and rhythms.

Jazz Music Today

Jazz has moved away from it roots and has moved more toward pop, rap, and rock & roll. But the original sound of jazz will never be forgotten because it is some of the greatest music from early America.

It is still very popular around the world. You can still hear the classic sound it places like jazz clubs in Boston, Kansas City, and New Orleans. These cities and many more still have their own unique style and soul.

Another place to hear your favorite jazz music in jazz radio stations. Some of these stations have a way of bring the music to life making you feel you are in a live jazz club.

Jazz music has a away of making you feel like you want to move your feet to the catchy sounds. This unique music will never die because it has a lot of heart and rhythm. You can even hear people playing it own their saxophone on the street corners.

Jazz will go down as a great style of music in history.

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    • makorip lm profile image

      makorip lm 5 years ago

      Love jazz and all the piano versions of "Green Dolphin Street"

    • LarryThompson profile image

      LarryThompson 5 years ago

      @anonymous: Thomas,

      I agree. There is no better music around. I love to listen to jazz music because it has soul and rhythm.


    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      The simple reason I like jazz is because there is no better music than jazz!!

    • profile image

      TheGrandpa 5 years ago

      I as I try to learn the Jazz Piano I continue to practice chords and scales. learn more about piano playing and jazz chords.