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Best New 27 Inch Computer Monitors for 2014

Updated on February 20, 2014

Is it time to upgrade?

Is it time for a new monitor? In year's past a small 17-19 inch monitor was more than adequate for your work space. In recent years; however, studies have shown that a large computer monitor actually increases overall productivity and if you think about it, it really makes sense.

While a 27 inch monitor might have seemed out of reach because of price in the past, today there are many affordable options in this category. In this post we'll feature a few of our favorites for both general office use, gaming, and photo editing.


What to Look for

The type of monitor you decide on should depend completely on what you plan to do with it. Photo editors, for example, want a monitor with accurate color reproduction that allows them to precisely match various colors. For them, an IPS or In-Plane switching monitor is generally the best idea as the less expensive TN or "twisted nematic" panel monitors can only produce up to 18 bits of color and can not reach the full true color spectrum.

While IPS monitors may be desirable for most consumers a less expensive 27 inch TN panel monitor is more than capable for day to day tasks and is actually smoother when it comes to video playback.


You've probably heard a lot about LED monitors but in fact LED monitors are LED LCDs which mean that the LCD or liquid crystal display uses an LED backlight. LED backlights are much more energy efficient than standard LCD monitors and in general are lighter and have better contrast as well.

Overall, if you find yourself choosing between an LED or LCD monitor of similar caliber, then I'd recommend going with the newer LED technology.

Commentary on 27 Inch Monitors

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