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Best Android Radio Apps in 2015

Updated on May 25, 2015

Radio Android Apps List

Once upon a time, radio was the best source of entertainment for millions of people. There were big radio sets made with vacuum tubes. One should have possess a big accumulator battery to power those machines. The transistor era reduced the size of the radio sets and the popularity of F.M. kept it alive even at the age of televisions. But when, at the edge of sure death, the internet revolution came, online radios stations emerged. Here, in this page, we are going to discuss some such popular online radios stations which are available via Android apps. Here are the best Android Radio Apps for you. The list is updated.


Pandora was responsible for bringing sorrow in the world. She ignored God’s will and opened the box from which all the evils flew on the earth to live among human souls. Our Android Pandora has also become a myth in the radio apps world for iOS and Android.

This app streams hundreds of stations. You can personalize the stations. You can create your own customized stations by selecting artists, songs, comedians or musicians. The app is smart enough to cater music according to your choice.

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TuneIn’s strongest point is the availability of a large number of Radio station streams. It has a collection of more than 70,000 stations from all over the world. There are also 2 million on-demand programs. The filtering system is also advanced and intuitive. There are stations on different languages, countries and local radios. You can even get sports stations like ESPN. There are podcasts too. In short, if you are an audiophile, then you can spend your entire life by exploring this app alone.

Cool Android radio player iHeartRadio.
Cool Android radio player iHeartRadio.


The makers of this app “Clear Channel Broadcasting Inc.” are not only good on coding, but also in marketing too. They knew that if you want to make your app a hit, you need to make something different from the others. This Android radio app, iHeartRadio knows about this rule and so tried to add some cool but novel features. The app has a feature “Perfect for”. If you enable this function then the app will play songs fitting for your mood or work. The availability of a bunch of radio streaming stations will give the user ample choices.

XIIALIVE has a great Android app
XIIALIVE has a great Android app


The name “xiilive” is enough to let people understand this app has no relationship with radio stations. But don’t judge with the name only, xiialive is one of the best among all the streaming stations. It has many functions. You can change and customize the theme of the app. There are data guard, notification sound, song tagging, live song cache, smart recovery, equalizer, sleep timer etc.

Internet Radio

Every Android user does not live in a first world country. So, everyone does not have easy access to high-speed data connections. They still have to depend on snail fast GPRS services. For them, listening to high-quality radio stations via Android radio apps are close to impossible. This app, Internet Radio can be bliss to them. This app specializes in delivering songs from the Radio stations at such a low speed at 24Kbps with good sound quality.

We like the way the app has grouped the genres. There are a lot of popular and unknown stations on their list.

Jango: the radio player app
Jango: the radio player app


Jango specializes in customization. There are various ways of creating your custom stations on it. There are also hundreds of custom stations available for you to enjoy. These are grouped according to genre like “Top Hip Hops” or by artist like “Madonna”. You can control the sound quality to high, medium or low according to your data connection speed and your limitation of the data plan. Some of the users have complained about bugs ang glitches like skipping or sign-in problems. Otherwise, this is a very good radio app.


If you buy the commercial version of the Slacker Android Radio app, you can download the songs. The radio app’s free version is not bad though. They boasts about their 200 “expert made” custom stations. They have a list of huge number of stations (they boasts “more than ten times” than any other such apps). It is liked by many for less advertisement than others in the free version.


Winamp is widely known as a music player. Almost, each PC user has Winamp on his or her computer. The Android version of Winamp is also very popular. But the reason behind its popularity is its being a good music player. But, Winamp is a radio player too. It uses the Shoutcast radio service to fetch a considerable number of radio stations if you like.

Ra.dio is a popular Radio app for Android
Ra.dio is a popular Radio app for Android

Radio FM

No, "FM" of "Radio FM" does not stand for "Frequency Modulation". It is "For Mobile". Forget the name, Radio FM is a jolly good app. There are thousands of stations sorted by countries. You can get the music and news from all over the world via internet radio stations. The app has mulit-language support. The app lets you add shortcuts of your favourite radio stations on the home screen of your Android phone.

The problem with is its collection of stations is only 7000. Though, these stations are of high quality and one really does not listen from millions of radio channels. The app has its own home screen widget. There is the Alarm clock and sleep timer functions too. They also have pre formatted custom stations.

mSpot Radio

This app has a list of radio stations for you to use. But the problem with it is that it is only free for 24 hours! So, if you want a free radio app then do not go for it. Moreover, this app is not better than the free radio apps. So, it is not very prudent to pay them.


Live365 is not auto-managed like the rest of the radio apps. Live365 is human powered and it is its speciality. There are 260+ genres of music including Rock, Classical, Jazz, Country, International, Reggae, Broadway, Meditation, Oldies, Talk etc. If like human managed radio stations then Live365 is best suited for you.


There are many Android radio apps available in the Google Play Store which are relatively unknown. You, reader, as an avid Android user can inform us all about such apps. If you think that there is a mind-blowing app out there, then comment about it here. We shall enter your suggestion on this list. This app list is not close ended.


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    • profile image

      mo 4 years ago

      Spotify is one of the best music apps ever. I love my music and tried many apps but none comes close 2 Spotify.

    • androidfan profile image

      Rajesh Bhuin 4 years ago from India

      Yes, those apps should run fine on your Gingerbread device @mujtabasworld.

    • androidfan profile image

      Rajesh Bhuin 4 years ago from India

      Check those apps @idigwebsites. But be careful if you have a capped data plan.

    • idigwebsites profile image

      idigwebsites 4 years ago from United States

      Haven't tried the radio apps, they must be very cool additions to my Android! :)

    • mujtabasworld profile image

      Mujtaba 4 years ago from Pune, India

      Cool list, does these apps work on all Android devices? I mean i have an outdated one that runs on Android Gingerbread.