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Power of Google android

Updated on April 19, 2013

Power of Google android

The Android operating system can be said as the wonder of modern science. It can be said as the wonder of functional goodness. The combination of mobile phones and Smartphones make a great platform which is great in performance. Those devices are best in performance. The Android OS is compatible with many attractive applications like games, entertainment apps, news apps, business apps, etc. As the popularity of Android devices is increasing day by day many Smartphone and mobile manufacturing companies are introducing new and newer Android devices with many facilities very rapidly and those are becoming popular within a short time. The rapidly growing popularity of Android OS has opened a new door of opportunities to many software and application developers. For this, many innovative and useful applications are developing every day for the Google play store.

The improved version which is known as Jellybean version has a lot more attractive features than older versions. The main target of Jellybean version is to attract the Windows phones and iPhone users with its attractive new features and facilities. The applications and visual processing is quite smooth in this new Jellybean version which can be said as the combination of some new devices. Those tablets which offered Jellybean OS are becoming very popular in a short time. Those tablets are known as Android Tablet 4.1 which are the best in performance now a days. The tablet is one of the combinations of excellence. It has all the new impressive and attractive features which are able to meet the demands of a new generation. There are many other new tablets are being introduced in the market that contains all the modern features. The Jellybean tablets usually give a powerful performance level. Some common features of Android tablet 4.1 are as follows:

1. At least 1.5 GHz of Dual core processor

2. At least 10 inch display with support for pixels resolution that measures up to 1280 x 800

3. A minimum 1 GB of Random Access Memory

4. At least 8 GB internal storage with extra memory card slot

5. A high power battery that ensures a long and efficient functioning, standby and talk time

6. A camera ranging from 2 megapixel to 8 megapixel

Those are the common features that a Jellybean tablet contains. There are many other advanced features too that make Jellybean tablets more and more attractive like voice reorganization, better search results etc.


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