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Best Desktop Computer - Apple iMac review

Updated on March 3, 2017

Apple iMac

Beautiful on the surface. Even more powerful underneath.

With new and advanced graphics processors, the new iMac is the fastest and most powerful iMac so far.

All iMac models now have the Intel Core processors with a new architecture. Based on the process technology of 32 nanometers from Intel, these processors set new benchmarks for the performance of iMac.

Every iMac includes advanced dedicated graphics which means that the graphics processor is separate from the CPU. Thus, whether you are an amateur filmmaker or an avid gamer, the iMac offers you faster, smooth and clear graphics, regardless of the chosen model.

Perhaps the all in one desktop computer

The iMac does more, faster!

Designed for more cores.

For all Intel processors (i3, i5, i7) to be able to reach their maximum potential in the iMac, the Mac OS X Snow Leopard was designed to take benefit of advanced multiple cores processor architecture.


The iMac provides quick work also due to the advanced Intel processors present in the iMac range which makes iWork fast and responsive.

It`s also possible to create complex transitions in Keynote presentation. Add 3D graphics to a Numbers` spreadsheet or design a fantastic document in Pages.

27" and 21.5" Screens

The new iMac has come a long way since the first 15-inch iMac.

A 21.5" or 27" screen with glass covering almost the entire front of the box. When all you see is the screen, nothing will interfere between you and what is in front of you.

Movies, television programs, websites, photographs - everything will look great in the new 16:9 widescreen iMac.

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Upright Design

For testing, an iMac which includes two discs: a SSD and a hard drive with a terabyte of space.

The new iMac impresses mainly by its 27-inch screen.

The respectable 2560x1440 pixels resolution some times makes you feel tired from trying to reach the opposite end of the desktop environment work.

But having 27-inch of high resolution means a large workspace so you can have multiple windows or tool boxes open simultaneously (if you are using an application like Photoshop).

Looking at the hardware there are also some interesting elements, particularly in the storage area.

Double Quick

This model differs from standard because it includes 56GB SSD besides the traditional one terabyte hard drive. The idea is to speed up the operating system and applications at the same time we have storage space to spare in the normal disc.

Although the tests show the great speed of the SSD (the Xbench gives it a score of 321.98 against 75.05 for a disk of 500 gigabytes) the truth is that this was not noticed at startup.

Oddly, the iMac stays several seconds with a blank screen and when the Apple symbol finally appears it then takes two more seconds to enter the workplace.

More Speed or More Cores?

The i5 processor of this iMac 2.8 GHz has four real cores so it is a especially suitable CPU for programs that can take advantage of multiple processors.

In other cases, people may need a faster processing. For example, a song takes 43 seconds to convert in iTunes on the iMac Core i3 3.06 GHz dual-core, while in this model takes 45 seconds.

The graphics card is a midrange model capable of reasonable performance. The tests ran extremely smooth, which is good news for anyone who is interested in playing games using OS X.

Overall this computer is a very interesting, however the high price makes it less exciting.


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