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Best Digital Photo Frame to Hang on the Wall

Updated on May 28, 2013

Get Awesome Pictures on the Wall!

Digital picture frames have been a very popular way to display your favorite memories for a long time, but many of these frames will also mount neatly to the wall so you can view your favorite shots at eye-level. If you don't have room on a table, or the little kids are a threat to your prized frame fear not - a wall-hanging digital photo frame is here to save the day!

Hanging bright and rotating pictures is a really neat idea for a foyer or other common family area. You can even rotate in season pictures to celebrate the passing months. Now every time guests are over you can prominently display pictures where several people can view them at once, and leave your side table free for other things.

Why Hang a Digital Picture Frame?

There are some great reasons to hang your electronic photos on the wall.

Keep Your Picture Frame Out of the Way

When you hang a frame on the wall, you get to have your end table space back for other décor. Sometimes having a picture on a table is at risk of being knocked over by someone's are. A frame on the wall removes this risk.

Pictures at Eye Level

It can be awkward to view a picture displayed too low on a table or too high on shelves. With a wall-mounted digital picture frame, you can control the exact height of the images so they can be viewed at a comfortable eye level.

Display Pictures Safely Away from Kids

If you have little ones around, you know that a nice frame may be in danger down where kids roam. This is especially true for toddlers just getting around and reaching for things. A digital frame mounted up high is beyond their reach.

Add To Wall Art

Turn your wall into a vibrant showcase by mixing in wall art or decorations with a frame displaying bright, clean pictures. You can even change the mood by showing classic art images for certain occasions or rotating the digital pictures to match the season, turning your wall into a festive addition to the home.

Showcasing vibrant digital pictures from your big or small digital camera on the wall is a great way to add life to any room.

Most Popular Hanging Digital Frame

Owners of the Sony frame love it! This one gets very high reviews from its owners and is worth checking out.

Sony DPF-D1010 10.2-Inch WVGA LCD (16:10) Digital Photo Frame (Black)
Sony DPF-D1010 10.2-Inch WVGA LCD (16:10) Digital Photo Frame (Black)

The Sony DPF-D1010 is the highest rated digital frame around by its owners, and for good reason. The 10.2 inch screen is the same size as an iPad and offers beautiful, crisp picture. The frame has built-in wall hanging holes so that it can be hung easily in portrait or landscape fashion.

It's easy to display a single image or to create a slideshow where you control the transitions. You can even add a clock or calendar along with your photos - perfect for the kitchen. It even comes with a remote control which makes this a very easy to use frame as well.

Perhaps the best feature is the ability to connect directly to a computer via USB or to install one of several memory cards, so you can use the card that you already own or pop the one from your digital camera right in for instant viewing.


Animate Your Wall

With so many ways to record video these days, digital frames have moved beyond the ability to just showcase still photos and now can easily show movies as well. You can show all pictures, all movies, or make it even more interesting with a mix of both.

There are even frames now that will show movies with sound. That's probably not something that you'd like playing 24 hours a day, but it's a really cool option for an event when you really want to showcase something, like a kid's graduation party, a wedding, or other event where visitors may stop by for one cycle to watch.

Display Pictures or Movies with Sound!

You can watch video or add background music with this awesome frame.

Sony DPF-HD1000 10-Inch Digital Photo Frame with HD Playback
Sony DPF-HD1000 10-Inch Digital Photo Frame with HD Playback

If you want to have a few more options and upgrade to one of the most feature-rich digital frames around, the HD1000 is a great choice. Not only can you show pictures and slideshows, but it will play HD movie clips or home videos in vivid color.

With 2 GB of internal memory it will store hundreds of pictures and, like other Sony frames, it accepts all sorts of memory cards, making compatibility a snap.

You'll love setting your favorite slideshows to music - especially festive for special occasions and holidays.


Going Beyond Pictures and Movies

Now that so many homes have Wi-Fi available, a neat features integrates a hanging digital picture frame with streaming content from your home computer. It is possible to display the time, the weather, or even listen to the radio or watch movies clips right from your wall.

This is a pretty neat idea for the family entrance, near the front door, or even where the family gets ready to take on a new day.

Digital Picture Frame with Wi-Fi = Cool

Wi-Fi means wireless updating of your pictures, streaming internet radio, and even the weather!

Sony DPF-WA700/B 7-Inch Digital Photo Frame with Wi-fi and HD Video
Sony DPF-WA700/B 7-Inch Digital Photo Frame with Wi-fi and HD Video

Why would you want Wi-Fi? For the extra goodies, of course. With a Wi-Fi connection, this frame allows you to update your picture library from the comfort of your computer in a wireless mode, making it incredibly simple.

The frame shows slideshows and video like other frames and include a responsive touch screen, but the coolest part is the internet connection. You can stream internet radio to the frame to play background music with your pictures - really neat around holidays.

You can even watch full HD movies on the frame or show the weather, which makes this a great option for the foyer to see a memory and the forecast before you head out the door.


Move Beyond Photo Albums

Everyone loves a good photo album, but a high quality LCD or LED picture frame adds life to your home in a way that no ordinary picture can. It also makes a great gift.

Bring your cherished photographs to life with the vibrant images that only a back-lit LCD screen can offer. With a wall-mounted digital picture frame, not only will your pictures be up and out of the way, they will be displayed in a new and decorative way in your home.

More Frame Options and Amazon

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