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Best Free Android Antivirus App

Updated on January 25, 2016

Best Free Antivirus App for Android Phones

The topic on Android security and the choice of the best free antivirus app for Android phones and tablets is one area which is never straightforward and one which elicits mixed feelings.The existence of the opposing schools of thought in the subject of android security leaves many Android users in a dilemma.

But for a fact, the very huge rise in the popularity of the android devices has seen a concurrent rise in the number of security threats identified on the android platform. The threats can be anything from identity theft, phishing and even malware. Following the continued development of malware for the android platform, antivirus apps have been developed and launched to help deal with these pertinent threats.


An Antivirus App for Android Is a Requirement

The very idea of paying up to 40 bucks for an antivirus app for antivirus does not sink well with many android users. There exists a wide variety of some of the best free antivirus apps for android which will meet the need to secure an android smartphone or android tablet. There is no better place to find these free antivirus apps for android than on GooglePlay. They offer complete security and anti-theft technologies.

Best Free Android Antivirus App

To find the best free android antivirus app, there are aspects which must be satisfied such as:

  • Anti-malware engine: An antivirus app should detect, clean and delete malicious apps and scripts.
  • USSD Exploit Protection: the best free android antivirus apps should stop malicious sites from using the USSD exploit to take advantage of certain vulnerabilities on your android devices. USSD codes are special commands used to access a variety of phone functions.
  • Privacy Advisor: The antivirus app must have the ability to list all installed apps and classify their risk based on the permissions they require to run.
  • Extra Protection: the best android antivirus apps have extra protection such as secure web browsing, against spam or massive commercial SMS and against Potentially Unwanted Apps or PUAs.
  • System resources: the best antivirus apps will not be a RAM hog or an adware flagship.
  • Extra tools: finally, many of the antivirus apps for android will provide Call & SMS filtering, Contacts Back-up & Restore and App Blocking.

Best Free Android Antivirus Apps Satisfying These Criteria

Failure to have an antivirus app is a potentially high risk. After carefully scouting for the best android antivirus apps, we have a a list of the top three recommended antivirus apps. Check out the best free android antivirus apps:

Avast Mobile Security


Avast! Mobile Security

This happens to be the best free android antivirus app and has been shown to satisfy the criteria and is regarded highly. It has all the features and tools required to guarantee security your android device. It will also ensure web protection by blocking infected URLs. If the mobile device is rooted, the firewall can be installed and used to filter network traffic. Wi-Fi can be blocked or the network blocked for particular apps and this improves security. The anti-theft tool allows that the phone is wiped clean in the situation it is stolen or lost.

Lookout Mobile Security


AVG AntiVirus Pro

The Android antivirus app is similarly free and easy to use just like the more famous windows antivirus. The app comes with excellent anti-theft and privacy-protection features. However, the malware-detection rate is not as good as of its peers and is also quite heavy on the device resources.

Zoner Antivirus


Lookout Security & Antivirus

Lookout has faced dwindling fortunes having been among the earliest entrants into the android security field. It has a free app and a paid version which are all characterized by smooth performance and beautiful interface design. Notable features and tools are real time protection and anti-theft functionality. It has always given a high detection rate for malware.

Other Best Free Android Antivirus App

Special mentions go to the Dr. Web Anti-virus Light, NQ Mobile Security & Antivirus and Norton Antivirus & Security in the best free android antivirus app category. An outright winner may be very difficult to pin point but even then the number one recommendation would be the Avast Mobile Security among the best free android antivirus app category. To conclude, the android antivirus app can be gotten easily on the Google play website and without the risk of installing a rogue app.


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  • DubstepMaker profile image

    Paul Jenkins 4 years ago from Earth

    I never even considered that you needed an antivirus for your mobile phone. WEll looks like I am going to have to sort this out. Does this go for iphones as well?

  • Anselome profile image

    Steve Anselmo 4 years ago from Thunder Bay

    I use AVG mobile security and I find that it works great on my Nexus S. It's free and has various other features such as phone locator and remote disabler/alarm/wipe. What kind of phone do you have?