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Best free e-mail client software for Windows and Linux Computers

Updated on January 19, 2016

Free E-mail client software for Windows and Linux PC computers

E-mail clients are for downloading your e-mail to your computer, reading your e-mail, writing and replying to your e-mails, E-mail clients make it more convenient for you to read, store, and reply to your e-mails especially if you have more then one e-mail accounts/addresses.It is a lot easier then using web browsers to check e-mail since you do not need to always login to send or receive e-mails from people unless you set your e-mail client up to require a password to read and access your e-mail. You can also read e-mail, and write drafts for your e-mail while you are not connected to the internet, and you can send your e-mail when you are online. This is useful for people who use a laptop on the bus, plane, train, or in places where there is no internet, or the internet is unreliable.An E-mail client will also notify you when new e-mails are available for you to read and reply if you have your e-mail client running in the background.Using an E-mail client also means you do not have to view advertising while you are logged into your e-mail client unlike free webmail accounts. You also avoid clicking on dangerous ads, or getting your website infected by a hacked webmail e-mail website which is promoting fake antivirus, and scams since you won't be exposed by dangerous ads by not using a webmail account. You also might still be able to access your e-mail account even if the webmail e-mail login account website is broken since the e-mail server might be still working. Best of all, you do not need to use a web browser to check your mail, so if your web browser is broken, or infected with a virus. You can use your e-mail client to check your mail. In my experience, e-mail clients also seem to slow down my computer less then web browsers since E-mail clients are more simple, so they use less RAM and System resources compared to having a web vrowser opened in the background of your computer for just waiting for e-mail. Most webmail also log you out after a few hours, but when you have your e-mail client open you will never be logged out.

Plus, most popular antivirus are set to automatically scan your e-mail while you download them.You also have an offline backup of your e-mail messages, drafts, and sent mail for safe keeping.Many e-mail clients also have a RSS reader for you to subscribe to your favorite blog RSS feeds, can be used to access usenet news servers to talk about news, and discuss different topics like food, calender, personal organizers, and a calender.Mozilla Thunderbird (windows, Linux, Mac, and other Operating Systems), Windows Live Mail (only windows), and Evolution (mostly used in Linux) are e-mail clients which work for Windows, and Linux based computers.

Windows Live Mail E-mail Client for Microsoft Windows

Windows Live mail is a free e-mail client for downloading, sending, and receiving e-mail with Microsoft Windows.

Hotmail, Yahoo mail, gmail, and personal webmail e-mail accounts to your computer.You can see your email, calendars, and contacts when you are not connected to a internet connection. Windows Live Mail also supports e-mail search to make looking for your e-mails a lot easier. Windows Live mail also supports Windows Live Drive, so you can easily share big files without sending huge attachment which fills up your senders e-mail storage space because they will be viewing your attachment on Windows Live Skydrive rather then downloading it to their computer.You can also add an event to your calender in Windows Live Mail to remind you to do a task like "wash dishes" on a certain date.I believe, Windows Live Mail is the only e-mail client which works with hotmail since the free hotmail accounts no longer support pop3, or imap which is needed to connect your Hotmail address to your e-mail client.Install Windows Live Mail to send and receive e-mails from your desktop

Windows 8 Mail
Windows 8 Mail

Windows 8 Mail Client

Windows 8 now has an E-mail client built-in to the StartScreen

Windows 8 Mail client is pretty good for Hotmail, Outlook, Gmail, POP3, IMAP, EAS, and Microsoft Exchange. The Mail client comes with Windows 8, and is easy to use like most e-mail clients like Outlook.

You can send e-mail, reply to e-mail, organize e-mail, and connect your e-mail accounts to Windows Mail.

Setting up your mail in Windows 8 Mail is pretty easy to do. You just need to follow the onscreen instructions to connect your e-mail account to Windows 8 Mail.

Windows Live Mail is better if you prefer to use the Classic desktop instead of the full screen start screen desktop in Windows 8.

Windows 8 Mail is bundled with Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, and Windows RT, and not available for older versions of Windows like 7, Vista, and XP.

Mozilla ThunderBird E-mail client for Windows, Linux, and Mac

Thunderbird is a free E-mail client which you can use to read and write e-mails on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Mozilla ThunderBird is from the same makers of Firefox. It has a easy to use interface for you to download, read, write, and save your e-mails on your computer. Thunderbird also has a newsreader for discussing and reading about topic on usenet news servers.It works for gmail, yahoo, and your personal webmail e-mail accounts.Thunderbirds has tabs, search, and archiving to make it easy for you to organize your e-mails. It also has extensions and themes support to customize Thunderbirds user experience.ThunderBird also protects your computer from spam and phishing scams with its spam and phising filters.ThunderBird has Automatic updates, so you are always using the latest version of Thunderbird.Install Mozilla Thunderbird to send and receive e-mail on your computer's desktop

Evolution Mail Free E-mail Client for Linux based operating systems like Ubuntu

Evolution is the default E-mail client which comes pre-install with most Ubuntu Linux and Gnome distro. Operating Systems.Evolution has e-mail, calendar, address book, and task list management features. It's user interface is similar to Microsoft Outlook. It also has e-mail filters.It works with older versions of Microsoft Exchange pre-2007.There also is a version for Linux, and an older version for Mac according to , but Evlolution works best on Linux operating systems since it was made for Linux.

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Using Web Mail from Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, or your ISP as a free alternative to e-mail clients

e-mail clients which are on the web is known as webmail!

The web e-mail service provided by Microsoft, Google's, Yahoo's mail service, and your ISP e-mail are pretty good for most users, and all you need is a web browser on your desktop computer, smartphone, or tablets.

There are also apps for Android, iOS, and other phone operating systems to let you access the mail on the go from your phone's home screen desktop.

In many cases, the e-mail service provided by your ISP is pretty good like from Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo, and it is ad-free.

You just need to make an account by joining Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, or your ISP to have a free e-mail account.

I like using webmail because it is convenient, and has all the features I need.

However, if you rely on backing up your e-mail to your hard drive, and external drives, I recommend you use an e-mail client instead of just relying on webmail which can be dangerous if your account got deleted, or hacked, and you can't access your e-mails which you rely on for work, school, and other important things.

A lot of free web mail accounts may also have advertising to make them free.

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