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Best Handheld GPS Under $150

Updated on May 28, 2013

Are there quality handheld GPS units for less than $150?

There are many reasons to search for a quality handheld GPS unit, and whether you are in search of a GPS for hunting or fishing or an inexpensive but useful geocaching GPS, the first thing you need to do is figure out exactly what features you really need in a GPS unit.

Can you find a nice handheld GPS for less than $150? Absolutely! In fact, for many outdoor activities owning a device in this price range makes a whole lot of sense. Instead of bringing your expensive and fragile smart phone with you and risking damage that might be caused by rugged activity or rain and moisture, a simple GPS is made to take the abuse. That makes a cheap handheld GPS a great choice as it will work great and remove your stress level when the weather turns for the worse.

Speaking of the cost of handheld GPS units - you can spend more. In fact, the price range goes WAY up. However, you don't need to spend that much money to get a quality device that will do the trick and last for many years.

What Features to Expect in a Cheap Handheld GPS Unit

What will you give up by purchasing a lower-priced GPS unit? Well, perhaps it's easier to state that you can expect from a device in this price range. The fact is that you will get the high-sensitivity GPS feedback that you really need and that the colorful maps in the higher end units is what you will be giving up. Here is a closer look.

Features to expect:

1. Basic GPS navigation

2. A rugged weather resistant body

3. Simple readout

4. Ability to save locations in the device

5. Ability to track back to a starting point

Features that might be missing at this price range:

1. Color display

2. Preloaded topographical maps

3. The ability to add-on maps

4. Synch features like wireless sync

Garmin eTrex 10 Worldwide Handheld GPS Navigator

The eTrex 10 is strong, accurate, simple, and will leave some money in your pocket as compared to high end models.

Apisphere Geomate jr. GPS

The Geomate jr. is the easiest and most basic GPS unit around, making it perfect for anyone who wants a great signal at the lowest price.

Garmin eTrex Venture H

The Garmin eTrex H is a rugged waterproof GPS that just works.

Garmin 72H Waterproof Handheld GPS

With a waterproof shell and included tide information and fishing calendar, this is a great marine handheld GPS device.

You can find quality in this price range

It's true, you don't have to spend hundreds to get a really nice handheld GPS unit that will offer an accurate signal in a rugged shell. In fact, the high-end models may just confuse the heck out of you with all of the options and screens available. These inexpensive and simple devices will get you going fast and will last for a long time.

If you want a basic device, a GPS for kids, or even a second unit for the camper or boat, a basic handheld GPS under $150 is a great place to look.

Interested in more GPS styles?

Here are some additional units. You can refine the search yourself and click GO for more choices.

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