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Best Long Range WIFI Antenna

Updated on January 6, 2016

WIFI Booster My Truck Driver Husband Loves

We are going to look at the best WIFI booster my truck driver husband loves. As some of you may know from my other articles about trucker driver necessities, like refrigerators and microwaves, my husband has been a trucker for over 18 years.

He is also a computer nut so loves to be able to be connected while on the road. Being "old school" we like to use a laptop rather than a smart phone. Okay, maybe that has to do more with being old and not able to see the little tiny screens so well.

Recently, we found the perfect wifi booster that allows him to connect to the internet even if he is parked way back in the truck stop.

Long Range Outdoor USB 150mbps Wifi Wireless Adapter with Antenna Reviews

The Long Range Outdoor USE 150mbps Wifi Wireless Adapter with Antenna is highly rated on Amazon, and rightly should be.

The biggest complaint is that the driver DVD that comes with the antenna isn't very useful. Good news though, you don't need the DVD to get the drivers. Once you hook the antenna directly into your laptop it will find and download the proper drivers for you automatically!

My husband sets his antenna right on the dashboard of his truck and enjoys quality connections when ever he is in a truck stop that has WIFI available. Not sure if you know this or not, but many brand truck stops, like the Flying J offer a WIFI subscription as well as a daily use pass.

For years my hubby, we call him Truck Driver Dave, fought the internet connectivity battle. The usual routine was to try to get some place with WIFI early enough to be able to park right next to the building and even then the WIFI was spotty. Now he can park way in the back and have great connectivity!

Questions About the Long Range Outdoor USB 150mpbs Adapter with Antenna

There are eleven questions asked and answered surrounding this particular antenna that we will go over here:

1. Is this a plug and play device? (The question was specifically addressing Windows XP operating system) - While there is a DVD included with the antenna, the general consensus is that it doesn't work all that well. However, the good news is that with Windows 7 (for sure) all you have to do is plug the booster into your computer/laptop and it will install the drivers automatically.

2. Is it designed for outdoor installation? The over whelming responses were that yes, it is designed to be mounted outdoors. Trucker Driver Dave mounts his on the dashboard of the truck.

3. Will it interfere with other WIFI configurations? No, it does not seem to cause any conflicts

4. What is the dbi gain of this antenna? It appears that this is promoted at 14dbi - while I don't personally know what dbi really means, I can tell you that my husband gets 5 bar reception in places where he was not getting ANY bars before.

5. Do you need to already have WIFI card installed? Yes

6. Will it work with Windows 8? Yes, just plug and play as they say

7. Is it compatible with a Mac? Apparently so

8. Can you hook this up to a router then have it feed other devises? No, it is not a router, it only received data it doesn't transmit.

9. Does it works with Android devices? This question wasn't answered in a definitive way

10. Will it transmit WIFI - while this question wasn't actually answered on Amazon, the answer is no, it receives only

11. Does this plug into the routers usb port and then mount high on the roof or a pole? I'm not too sure about this question or the answer that was given...That said this is really designed to boost a WIFI signal. It is the perfect solution for Truckers or RV travelers looking to get online while roaming about the country.

The WIFI Booster Poll

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Things A Trucker Can't Do With Out!

Why A Cell Phone Isn't Always Enough

Yeah, I get it you can just use your smart phone for internet almost anywhere, well anywhere except that it is expensive and not always reliable and if you want to do more involved things online than watch youtube, you are going to want a lap top or at least an ipad to access the world wide web.

That is where these WIFI boosters come into the picture.

Many truck stops offer WIFI but unless you are sitting right under the broadcaster it is often impossible to actually get a decent connection. These little WIFI boosters, make getting a great connection super easy!

While we were skeptical at first we are total sold on the concept now.

Even if you are an RV traveler staying in RV parks. You can often get internet WIFI as part of your nightly fee, but again, the signal isn't always that dependable. Nothing like sitting down to watch a movie only to discover that it keeps loading or drops the connection all together.

End the headaches. These boosters are inexpensive, really I feel they are worth way more than the price charged for the convenience they provide and how well they work.

Have you used a WIFI booster? Did you even know about these?

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