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8 Question to Ask Before Zeroing in on a Search Engine Optimization Company

Updated on August 26, 2010


Search Engine Optimization or SEO is what every experienced website owners know and constantly struggles to improve upon.

     There are fundamentally two reasons why an individual or a company have their websites set up. They would either want to earn money or gain greater visibility. Greater visibility consequently attracts larger number of visitors that increases conversion rate. In other words, the level of monetization your website achieves is a result of a number of factors, one among which is SEO or search engine optimization.

     While an individual webmaster can work toward search engine optimization, it requires levels of skills not every web publisher might be capable of since it is a specialized process. SEO in fact involves a lot of things including fixing up of underlying code and architecture of your website, analyzing content and links and their level of popularity to name a few among them. The goal in fixing your website is to make your website compatible with search engine alogarithm so that your site ranks higher in Google, MSN, Yahoo and other search engines.

     It is obvious, most of us that are either newbie or experienced but ill-informed would not like wasting our time fiddling with our websites without positive result to show.   

     There are a number of companies engaged in organic optimization task but the question to ask is how capable they are unless you want to burn your pocket. An experienced company on the other hand understands the intricacies of organic optimization. Your task is to identify the company that can successfully meet your goal to rank your pages high in search engines.


Eight Questions to ask

(1) Do they have previous seo work examples to show?

(2) How long have they been in this business?

(3)   What seo techniques and strategies do they employ for their clients?

(4)   Do they have some referrals you could speak to?

(5)   What has been their past record, including unresolved complaints, with Better Business Bureau?

(6)   Have their clients been penalized by Google or any other search engine?

(7)   How frequently and in what manner do they communicate with their clients?

(8)   Will they explain the logic and reason behind their seo recommendations and revisions made to your site?

Here are some additional information that might be useful to you in zeroing up on the right seo company.


Company Information

(a)    The oldest company in the field is ArteWorks SEO founded in 1995. iProspect and Bruce Clay, Inc. were founded in 1996, SEO, Inc.was founded in 1997.

(b)   SEOP founded in 2000 is among the companies with the highest number of clients. The company located in California has also perhaps the highest revenue of over $5 million and the client retention rate of 95 percent. The other comparable companies include Bruce Clay, Inc (1996), SEO, Inc.(1997), Increase Visibility, Inc (2003), all of whom are California based with revenue on the upper side of $5 million and fairly large number of clients next to SEOP. All of them except SEO, Inc.(1997) claim a client retention figure of 95 percent.

(c)    The other companies that are in the range of estimated revenue of $1 million but less than $3 million include eLogic Web Solutions (2007 Utah, USA), Weblinx Limited (2004 UK), Inteliture, Inc (2003 Utah, USA), (2002 Utah, USA) and ArteWorks SEO (1995 Texas USA).


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