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Best Text Messaging App For Android

Updated on February 1, 2013

Best Text Messaging Apps


The Best Text Messaging App For Android Devices

Text messaging or SMS is one of the fastest ways to communicate in the world today besides picking up the phone and calling. SMS which is the proper name is a component of text messaging offered on mobile communication systems allowing exchange of messages on the phone and on the web. Text messaging is a big component of everyday life and this necessity combined with the proliferation of the android devices has seen the creation of text messaging apps. The apps are aimed at providing better and extended functionality on this service. The apps are aimed at different categories of people and their preferences.


Google Voice

Google Voice is the most accessible and definitely the best text messaging app for android devices. The app offers the free sending and receipt of text messages on an android phone or android tablet. The most commendable features about the Google Voice app is that it is easy to use, cross platform and in most cases it will come installed on your android device. In addition, the app can be configured to become the default text messaging app. Other features are the fact that it permits sending of texts from the contact list and other installed application as well as supporting the sending and receiving of SMS messages to and from email. Syncing Google Voice with other Google features and product on the web and with devices allow access of messages from any other device such as a PC and even Apple devices.


Go SMS Pro

Second on this list of the best text messaging app for android is the GO SMS Pro. This app essentially replaces your default messaging app on your android phone and with it comes many trendy features that an individual will definitely like. The GO SMS Pro app is highly popular app and is highly downloaded on Google Play. Notable features are; it supports both SMS and MMS, the scheduling of SMS messages and preparation and scheduling of batch SMS messages and lastly the integration to Go Chat. Another of the very decent features making this app the best text messaging app for android is the recognition of gestures, doodling and handwriting. One drawback with the app is that it utilizes your SMS or texting plan but the advanced features make up for this.


WhatsApp Messenger

The WhatsApp messenger is a great app and is for many the best text messaging app for android. It is a cross-platform messenger and therefore allows sending and receiving of messages to and from users on other devices like the iPhones and Blackberries. It can be used as the default SMS messaging app on your android. Sending and receiving of messages is free and the app itself can be downloaded at a small fee from the Play Store.


Handcent SMS

The Handcent SMS app is a great and one of the best text messaging app for android. It is a SMS app which when installed replaces the stock messaging app on the android device. The Handcent SMS app is perhaps one of the older text messaging apps and packs features such as Quick-reply. The Quick-reply allows a direct reply to a text message from whatever app you were already in on the phone. Download this app and get to test drive it to enjoy all the other features it comes with.



To conclude the list of the best text messaging app for android devices, we review the TextPlus app which gets you a second number. This means that the app via you data connection eliminates the SMS plan and all messages sent through the app bear this number. The TextPlus app flaunts a very neat interface which is easy to use. The app can also be downloaded from Google Play.

Do you think that the best text messaging app for android list did not mention your favorite text messaging app? Share the alternative text messaging app which should definitely be on the best text messaging app for android.


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  • martin321 profile image

    David Martin 5 years ago from London, United Kingdom

    If apps include tracking system via GPS then it will make more secure messaging.

  • Matthew Maktub profile image

    Matthew Foreman 5 years ago from Las Vegas

    I lost my phone a few months ago and have been using Google Voice ever since. It's really easy to text over a computer, ipod or tablet and can make calls through your computer if you have teh capabilities. Best part is it's completely free. Good idea for people who need an additional business number.