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Best Twitter Client Apps for Android in 2015

Updated on January 26, 2016

Twitter Apps for Android

Millions of people are active on Twitter. It is natural because we all know that it is the 2nd largest social network. As a result, there are a lot of Android phone or tablet holders who will want to use it on their device(s). To fulfill their needs, hundreds of Twitter clients apps have been developed by various talented individuals and groups. It is very difficult to find out the best among this crow. Itis a very difficult task to do. Who would have such time and patience to install and check every single one of them? So, I have done this for you. Read the article and you will have the basic ideas about all the top Twitter apps out there.

We can broadly divide these apps into two groups, fully free and paid. Most of the paid apps have also their free versions. Free versions have fewer functions or with advertisements. There are some twitter apps which are no longer available for new users because they have reached their token limit like Carbon and Falcon. You can choose from the apps with too many features like Seesmic or from the lightweight ones like Twicca. There are some twitter clients which support both Twitter or Facebook like Hootsuit and Plume.

Tweetlanes: A great Twitter App for Android
Tweetlanes: A great Twitter App for Android

Free Apps

Tweet Lanes

If you are looking for a free, then what about an open source app? Yes, Tweet Lanes is an open source android twitter client app. This app has been designed for seamlessly integrating with Android ICS. So, this app will look like a native one on an Android device with ICS or Jelly Bean. It also has the multiple account supports. You can preview the photos and videos inside the app.


Developer Tetsuya Aoyama has created “Twicca” as a light weight twitter app. Twicca is ideal for the phones with older hardware. Slower processors and low RAMs can slog other heavy clients down but Twicca will run smoothly. The app lacks the polish of other “A” grade twitter clients, but it was the only way to make it light. If you like to keep your phone faster and save some battery juice then Twicca is for you.


Twidere is the most customizable android twitter client app. You can change everything. You can set the font, change background and themes. You can even set how the tweets would be displayed. There are many small and large tweaks available inside the long menu list. So, you can make it suitable for your own need and preference. So, this app is great for those who like to tinker around.


As you can see, there are a lot of good apps for twitter. So, what will make one stand out in the crowd? The answer is simple: it should have some great and unique features or it need have a great look. In the second criteria, “Tweedle” can come to the top list chart. It has a great interface.

Twitter client app for android Twidere
Twitter client app for android Twidere


Hootsuit is not just a twiiter client. It is much larger than that. Hootsuit is one of the most powerful social media tool available and is best suited for the marketers. It supports multiple Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Foursquare accounts. So, you can see that it is a very powerful app. But in my opinion it is not best suited as a Twiiter only app. It can be sluggish due to its heavy workloads.

Blocked Twitter Clients


Carbon was one of the best looking Twitter Apps for Android . But alas, it is no more. There are no more tokens available to use this app. If any user gives up his token then it would be possible to download and use carbon by another user.

Falcon Pro

Falcon Pro is one of the best twitter clients ever made for any platforms. But this app has been removed from the app store due to over popularity. Falcon Pro’s token limit has been reached. The “token limit” is the limit of total twitter accounts can be accessed through a particular app. This limit is usually 100,000. It is still possible to download and use this app by following a work around. Go to the developer’s site Getfalcon Pro for more information.

Carbon Video Preview

Paid Options


Tweetings is a nice looking app with a price tag. It looks elegant and polished. This app is good to use. You can make this app transparent to view the wallpaper. There is wifi streaming and cloud support, too.

Robird ($1.99)

Robird is a simple twitter app with very light footprint. It is smooth and fast. The app is a minimalistic one. If you like to have to use only twitter without much trouble, then Robird is best suited for you.

Talon ($3.99/Free)

Talon is also a great Twitter client. "Bold and beautiful" is the motto of the app. The app is known for its beautiful layouts. It is not only eye-candy, but also smooth and effective as a twitter client. Useres can customize it to their tastes.

Robird: A beautiful twitter app for android
Robird: A beautiful twitter app for android
Plume is a great Android Twitter app
Plume is a great Android Twitter app

Plume Premium ($4.99)

Plume is not only a twitter client, but can show you FaceBook feed, too. The design of the app is simple and straight forward. Ease of use is its main attraction. This app shows the tweets in vertical feeds changeable by finger swiping. There are three tabs on the top: Timeline, Mentions and Direct Messages. It supports multiple accounts.

TweetCaster Pro (Free/$4.99)

TweetCaster is good and has a lot of features to speak off. You can mute someone without unfollowing him. There is also built in photo editing option. The app looks good in the screen. The UI is user friendly and intuitive.



Fenix promises to bring something new on the plate. Real-time update enables the user to view who is retweeting and favoriting your content and who is following you. This app is known for its beautiful user interface. It is very convenient to use. It supports multiple accounts. There is an internal browser to visit the links shared on your timeline. Overall, Fenix is a good app for Twitter fans..

Seesmic (Free/$2.99)

Seesmic is a Facebook and Twitter client known for its features. It supports both platforms equally well. You can even post to your facebook pages from it. This app has link shortening support. There is a feature called tweetlonger which will help you to write longer tweets. The paid version of Seesmic has some extra features than the free version like multi account support and the ability to view twitter and facebook feeds in a single screen.

Seesmic Video

UberSocial (Free/$4.99)

UberSocial is known for having a lot of features. In fact, it combines almost all of the special features of other twitter client apps for android. You can cross post your status in facebook and gochat too. It supports photo, video uploadings, longer tweets, link shortening and such other things.

Ecofone (Free/ $3.99)

Ecofone is one of the lesser known but good quality twitter client apps. The app is a multi platform one and supports syncing between platforms. It has multiple account supports and threaded views. There is also a built-in photo viewer.

What Do You Say?

I like to hear your voice regarding this matter. Do you think that this list is appropriate? Do you know another app which should be included in this list? There are many such apps and it is possible that a good one is out of my radar. It is entirely possible. So, do not forget to mention it in the comment box. But, please do not spam the comment section with links. I think it is enough to mention the app without dropping links.


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    • androidfan profile image

      Rajesh Bhuin 2 years ago from India

      Please, read the hub and decide it for yourself.

    • profile image

      John 2 years ago

      Good article and it is really helpful. So, what is the best lite twitter app client for android?

    • profile image

      Presto 3 years ago

      I like HootSuit....

    • androidfan profile image

      Rajesh Bhuin 3 years ago from India

      Yeh, tweetcaster is pretty cool but there are many more. Thank you for letting me know about your opinions @GmaGoldie.

    • GmaGoldie profile image

      Kelly Kline Burnett 3 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

      So far I love Tweetcaster but there is allot to learn. This is a fantastic list. I wonder if the pricing will remain moving forward? Great post! Sending off to my Twitter account and voted up!