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USB Slide Converter

Updated on April 6, 2013

Get the Best Digital Images With the Right USB Slide Converter

Choosing the right USB slide converter is an important first step to digitizing your old slides or negatives.

If you make the right choice, you're likely to see results that look as good (if not better) than the original slide versus poor results that will make you wish you'd paid a company like ScanCafe to do the work for you. Below you'll find the best USB slide converter based on current customer reviews, as well as other options for film and slide scanners.

(Image of USB slide scanner provided by Amazon)

Canon CanoScan 9000F - Best USB Slide Converter Based on Customer Ratings

The Canon CanoScan 9000F is currently the best USB slide converter for anyone who wants a good quality slide scanner at a reasonable price. More than 125 people have given it five stars on Amazon, making it the most popular film and slide scanner at this time. It comes with USB 2.0 Hi-Speed connectivity, 9600x9600 dpi resolution, FARE Level 3 retouching capability and much more.

Canon CanoScan 9000F Color Image Scanner
Canon CanoScan 9000F Color Image Scanner

What the manufacturer says about this product:

From the manufacturer: Enjoy high-speed scanning for everything from photos to documents, to even 35mm film while also enjoying superb quality. The CanoScan 9000F scanner delivers an incredible maximum film scanning resolution of 9600 x 9600 (Optical) dpi1 with built-in features that also make it easy to use.

The all-new Auto Document Fix feature automatically analyzes and corrects both text and images so your document text will remain clear and your pictures will maintain color tone and contrast. For additional ease of use, the Seven EZ Buttons enable you to scan, copy or create a PDF faster than ever.

Superb Scanning Resolution: When you combine 9600 x 9600 maximum color resolution1 (film scanning) with a vivid 48-bit color depth and over 281 trillion possible colors, the results will astound you. Continue your scanning brilliance with tremendous 19,200 x 19,200 (Interpolated) software enhanced scans.


Ion 35mm Photo Negative and Slide Converter to PC - USB slide converter is good for small spaces

The CanonScan is a great scanner for anyone who needs top quality scans and can't afford the expense of professional scanners costing thousands of dollars. But if you need something a little less expensive that takes up less room, the Ion USB slide converter is also well-rated, earning an average of 3 out of 5 stars from about 200 customers.

Best USB Slide Converter

More Film and Slide Scanners - Find the best USB slide converter for your needs

There are a wide variety of USB slide converters on the market today, from small stand-alone products to flatbed scanners like the CanonScan shown here. Which one is best for you depends on the price you can pay, as well as the quality, speed and features you want. Here are some other options to help you find the best 35mm film scanner and slide scanner.

How Big Can You Go?

A slide scanned at 6400 x 9600 dpi can be enlarged up to 17" x 22"

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