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Top 10 Best Laptops 2013

Updated on December 18, 2016

Top 10 Best Laptops 2013 - Find the best laptop at the best price!

Laptops are getting more and more common to carry around, and if you want to find the Best Laptop 2013 to carry around with you, then you are in the right place!

In this lense I have rated the Top 10 Best Laptops 2013, and linked them all to the best available price online. I have tested all 10 of the laptops, and written my own personal review.

There are laptops for every user, either you are a gamer, student or worker.

top laptops 2013
top laptops 2013

#1 ASUS VivoBook X202E-DH31T

11.6-Inch Touch Laptop

It is thin and light, but very solid. The build quality is way beyond what I expected from a $500 laptop. The touchscreen is responsive and, I have to admit, a lot of fun.

I have had my eye on various tablets lately, but this thing blows them away. It is essentially as portable as a 10" tablet, but way more functional with its full version of Windows 8.

cheap laptop 2013
cheap laptop 2013

#2 Acer Aspire E1-571-6650

15.6-Inch Laptop

To start the review, I must say, I was looking for the cheapest, best quality for the price, computer I could. I must also say, that I am a very tech savvy person, so I knew what I was looking at, when I saw all the computers.

I was actually shocked when I saw that this computer was so cheap, yet had a Intel 2.4 Ghz processor. Computers which were $100 more, had a less potent processor. Needless to say, this computer uses very efficient technology, yet it is a very good price.

asus laptop 2013
asus laptop 2013

#3 ASUS G75VW-DS72

Everything about it seems bulletproof. The keyboard is back-lit and the finest feeling I've ever encountered. This laptop comes with a Targus backpack and a wired mouse.

I purchased this to play Diablo 3 on and the video quality and frame rate is nothing less than stunning.

ASUS G75VW-DS72 17.3-Inch Laptop


The operating system is installed on the 256GB SSD making boot-up and game play incredibly fast. I cannot say enough good about this computer. If you are looking for a great gaming laptop at a reasonable price and don't care so much about portability than this should be on your short list.

#5 Apple MacBook Air MD231LL/A 13.3-Inch Laptop

Apple Macbook Air MD231ll/A 13.3-inch Laptop (OLD VERSION)
Apple Macbook Air MD231ll/A 13.3-inch Laptop (OLD VERSION)

It's light, it's durable, and, as Apple states, it's ready for anything. The MacBook Air is back for another generation and keeps a slender aluminum skeleton. It's sleek, dazzling, and fits just about anywhere. Typing in the dark isn't a problem with its stunning backlit keys and bright, energy-conserving screen. It's very light and "airy", specially considering the fact it's made of metal. It's convenient, has a long battery life, and is undeniably a minuteman underneath its glamorous shell.


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#6 Dell Inspiron i14z-1000sLV

Dell Inspiron i14z-1000sLV 14-Inch Ultrabook (Moon Silver) [Discontinued By Manufacturer]
Dell Inspiron i14z-1000sLV 14-Inch Ultrabook (Moon Silver) [Discontinued By Manufacturer]

Inspiron 14z is more than just a typical laptop. It's an Ultrabook - it's just 0.8" thin, super-powerful, has long battery life and boots up in seconds. A built-in DVD drive makes Inspiron 14z a fully featured Ultrabook.


#7 ASUS A53U-EH11 15.6-Inch Versatile Entertainment Laptop (Mocha)

ASUS A53U-EH11 15.6-Inch Versatile Entertainment Laptop (Mocha)
ASUS A53U-EH11 15.6-Inch Versatile Entertainment Laptop (Mocha)

This was my Christmas present to myself. I am using it to replace my much more robust HP Pavilion 17 inch laptop, which is not that portable. The HP works great as a home computer, but is heavy and cumbersome for travel. This new ASUS is just right for travel. It is light weight, and the screen is big enough to work remotely.

It works great as an extra computer (as I also have a desktop.) It is the perfect device that is in between my Xoom Tablet and My HP Desktop. I would not recommend it for someone who depends on a computer solely for their lively hood, but it you need a great computer for email, internet surfing, and smaller job task, this is perfect.


#8 Samsung Chromebook (Wi-Fi, 11.6-Inch)

Samsung Chromebook (Wi-Fi, 11.6-Inch) 2012 Model
Samsung Chromebook (Wi-Fi, 11.6-Inch) 2012 Model

When my old laptop conked off, I needed a laptop to use around the house. I also recently started commuting by train to work so wanted to buy a small, light laptop that I could take with me and check email or facebook or read the news, surf the web etc. on the train.

I also wanted a real keyboard for the occasional work-related email, so the iPad was out. When this Chromebook got announced I was pretty excited since it really fit all my criteria - light, quick to boot and so on. I received it a couple of hours back and I have to admit its really nice.


#9 Apple MacBook Pro MD212LL/A

Apple MacBook Pro MD212LL/A 13-Inch Laptop with Retina Display (OLD VERSION)
Apple MacBook Pro MD212LL/A 13-Inch Laptop with Retina Display (OLD VERSION)

This laptop is great with retina display. It is also thinner, lighter and smaller than the previous model. Although the price is $500 higher than the previous model. But you will feel the different when you use this laptop. Also anyone who complains about the ssd storage is to small, the SSD can be replaced easily.



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      soaringsis 5 years ago

      Thanks for sharing. Great lens.

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      Top10Guide 5 years ago

      That is the best collection of computers 2013 for sure!

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      Oyningen 5 years ago

      That is the best price on a Apple MacBook Pro I have seen online so far! I think I will buy it for my girls birthday :)