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The best ereader in the market

Updated on February 19, 2011

Compare the top ereaders here!

"Books can never die". They just get transformed to suit this electronic era to fit themselves into the sleek and smooth ereaders of today. Markets are competing to bring out ereaders that can do more than just reading a book, while book lovers are on the search to find  the cheap and best ereaders and a reliable place to compare, consult and buy them. Welcome to one such reliable review about Amazon Kindle, find what it has and  what it lacks, along with my testimony about how I used the Novel Network to equip my Kindle with unlimited ebooks. I have picked colorful skins and covers for Kindle too!

Amazon Kindle

Ereaders- the best and must possession

The title "The best ereader in the market"  was the single search term which I typed in a million permutations in a number of search engines to find a convincingly cheap and best ereader for my dad. I first had to decide if the amount of money I spend on an ereader would really find some use for my dad. I too had criteria, some necessary and few preferable, most of which is common to anyone trying to compare the ereaders available in the market. But one certain thing is this is the best time to buy ereaders as the market is flooded with immense variety. You can find great use with an ebook if only you choose it wisely. Here are some tips to buy an ereader.

Tips to buy an ereader

1. Ask yourself questions like "Do I need a 3G?" or "Will I be comfortable only with a large display or can I manage with a smaller one?", or "Should it have an e ink display or just an LCD?" 

2. Brainstorm the features of all ereaders available, from the cheaper unknown brands to the best ereaders like Kindle, Nook and iPad. Compare their features to your answers for the questions to select one or 2 ereader.

3. Don't get deceived by attractive ads. Once you shortlist one or two ereader, read in-depth about the experiences of people who already got the same ereader. Know what facilities they enjoyed. Would you appreciate those facilities? Find the shortcomings of the product. Will the short coming affect you or can you manage? 

4. If at all you are ready to spend a few more dollars for a product that overcomes the shortcoming, repeat step 2 and 3 for the product. 

Barnes and Noble's Nook

Amazon Kindle Vs Nook Vs Sony PRS

I made the decision to get an ereader only by learning how Amazon's kindle is making and breaking its own records for the largest selling electronic book reader. But I didn't want to restrict myself to one brand without looking at the other.

1. Barnes and Noble's Nook ereader was rated the next best ereader after Kindle, but they just had one version of the product. But presently buyers have another choice, Nook color from Barnes and Noble.

2. Apple and its products have been an evergreen craze for me. I was one of those happy about Apple's entry into the ebook sector. But the iPad was more of a smart phone extended with a good ereading facility. Since I knew that once gifted, he would stay hooked with it forever, I was keen on having the e ink display to ease reading rather than an LCD.

3. Sony PRS series had the advantage of being the only ereader supporting Wireless and Touch facility, something which was unavailable in Kindle and Nook. But the price was beyond my budget. Most of the reviews mourn that all the three products suffer the same screen issues of greyness and glare.

4. So finally, I came back to the good old Amazon to decide between the three best selling releases of Kindle

Amazon KIndle features

  • DISPLAY: Six-inch gray display with 600 x 800 resolution
  • SCREEN SIZE: 4.9- x 7.5- x 0.7-inches
  • WEIGHT:10.3 ounces
  • EXTERNAL MEMORY FACILITY:SD memory card slot 
  • AUDIO: 3.5mm stereo headphone jack + built-in speaker
  • BATTERY: AC power and replaceable, rechargeable battery
  • USB: USB 2.0 connectivity

Amazon Kindle - the best ereader to gift a serious reader

After spending hours reading reviews, buyer feedbacks and comments, I found that for anyone genuinely or casually interested in books, Kindle would be the best ereader. Ofcourse it has few shortcomings. But if all you expect from an ereader is to make reading a pleasure at leisure, you wouldn't mind the shortcomings.

Disadvantages of Kindle

1. The controls are not that easy. A point to be considered while buying an ereader for an elder.

2. There is no inbuilt back light, which demands an external source of light to read at night. I wasn't shocked by this fact as I knew very well my dad doesn't always read books during late evenings. IPad might has an LCD backlight which might make it more suitable than Kindle for reading in dark rooms, but nothing can beat Kindle's readability during the day.

3. Everything is just black and white text. There is no other app or even color pictures that can be viewed, and that's why I said Kindle is for serious readers like my dad.Spring design Alex is the only device that has both LCD and eink but with an alarming price tag.

Many many advantages of Amazon Kindle

1.One important and the most convincing advantage of Kindle is its eink display. With iPad actively competing with Kindle being more engaging, entertaining and useful, it fails in making continuous reading less straining. The eink feature displays letters crisp and clear even with a dim light at night. Power consumption is very less leading to a longer battery life. This makes Kindle the best ereader if you think ereader is the one which gives you an easy read.

2.Kindle allows you to make a library of 1000s of books, magazines and newspapers. Getting books for kindle is really really simple. With its wireless facility, you don't have to depend on computers. You can directly download books to your ereader. allows ypu to download ebooks at a monthy subscription or with $15 dollar per book.

3.Another new venture, the novel network allows you to download unlimited ebooks, newspapers and comics directly to your ereader with just a one-time payment of $49.95. Once you become a member, you can comfortable download any number of ebooks without the hassle of monthly payments in other sites.

4.Apart from reading, you can have mp3 songs playing softly at the background while you read.

5.Latest Amazon Kindle versions with an integrated 3G facility come with an extra $50. But if you ask me, 3G is not a must for an ereader. There are devices named mobile phones to do that job for us. So unless you have bought a new phone without 3G and you badly want to supplement your ereader with this facility, don't spend your money for an unwanted facility.

Spring Design Alex

Your experiences with Amazon Kindle are welcome!

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