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Best Wireless Routers

Updated on January 30, 2012

Wireless Router Hub

Computer technology changes rapidly. In what seems like a blink of an eye to what made a computer function faster and more smoothly last year is passé. This applies to every aspect of the computer world, including internet links and, more recently, the wireless internet router. Where once, the best wireless routers were restricted to a basic type – 802.11 with a minimal bandwidth and low speeds not exceeding 2 Mbps, today’s options include many of the letters of the alphabet, specific purpose, business or home wireless internet routers and speeds ranging up to 54 Mbps.

With such a variety currently available, it becomes more than ever necessary to understand what you are getting when you purchase a business or home wireless router. You need to determine the most suitable for your needs. You need to understand wireless router ratings according to the standards and other significant factors. You can do so by research, by looking at wireless router reviews online or in consumer magazines. Be sure not to restrict yourself to a single wireless router review, look at a wide variety. This will provide you with sufficient information upon which to base your decision.

What To Look For

When you are considering buying a wireless internet router, be sure to consider the following characteristics:

  • Cost – How much does the wireless network router cost? Can you afford it?
  • Speed – Wireless router ratings for speed range from 11 Mbs for the earlier and older models to possibly as high as 300 Mbps for the latest N routers. How fast do you need? Be sure to recognize that no matter how fast your wireless internet router, if your internet connection is turtle slow, it will not rectify it.
  • Warranties – Always check the warranty package. These vary from company to company. If the warranty is comprehensive, it may reflect the company’s faith in the durability and quality of its product.
  • Size – Where is the wireless router destined to go? Do you have space for it? Does shape matter? What about design?
  • Popularity – By checking the various wireless router reviews, you may find the most popular selling wireless internet routers. This does not indicate they are the most advanced. If you like to play it safe or go with the flow, purchase one of the popular best wireless routers available.

When you know what you want and understand what is available, you should be able to locate the right wireless internet router for your situation. Do check out the wireless routers reviews at several different sources. Talk to people who have a wireless internet router and note their choices. Compile a list of what they have and compare it with the top wireless internet routers provided according to wireless router reviews. You may also want to look at the top companies who provide wireless internet routers.

Belkin Wireless Router

Linksys Wireless Router

ZyXEL Wireless Router

Major Producers of Wireless Internet Routers

When you look at the best wireless routers available today, you are sure to see the names of several companies. The products of these major producers usually turn up in lists of the best wireless routers annually. The companies are:

  • Belkin – founded in 1983 in Hawthorne, California this company produced the N1 Vision Wireless Router and N+
  • Buffalo Technologies – American subsidiary of Melco Holdings Inc. responsible for Nfiniti wireless internet routers
  • D-Link – founded in Taipei in 1986, D-Link has quickly become a leader in wireless internet router solutions. D-Link provides various degrees of connectivity through their wireless internet routers, including b and g links. The company was also at the forefront of D-Link Green Technology in business and home wireless router creation.
  • Linksys – Founded in 1988, Lynksys has since been acquired by Cisco Systems. Their wireless internet routers include Linksys wireless N, a home wireless router and WRT series.
  • NETGEAR – A subsidiary of Bay Networks until its purchase by Nortel in 1998, this now fully independent company manufactures a wireless network router and other network solutions for home and business usage. NetGear’s latest wireless network router is WNR 2000.
  • TP-Link – founded in 1996 in Shenzen, China, entered the international market in 2005. The 300 Mbps Wireless N Router is 1 of their current offerings.
  • ZyXEL – Founded in Hsinchu, Taiwan in 1989, Zyxel produces, among other things, a mobile wireless internet router.

Yet, you will also see listed in many a wireless router review, the offerings of other companies. These include Apple with its Apple AirPort Extreme and Novatel with its wireless network router, MiFi. Some wireless router reviews also mention TRENDnet with TEW-639, its newest contender among the best wireless routers. For other options, be sure to check the wireless router ratings online. You can usually find them listed under the keywords “wireless router review,” wireless routers reviews,” “best wireless routers,” or “wireless router ratings.” Other handy words to use in your search are “home wireless router,” wireless network router” and “home wireless routers.”


As people become more mobile moving their laptops and notebooks from room to room, it is essential to have a business or home wireless router in place to ensure connectivity remains constant. One way to ensure you obtain the best wireless network router possible is to do your research. Check the wireless router ratings online. Read various consumer magazines for their wireless router reviews. Do not neglect the human factor. Talk about what you have read in a wireless router review to friends. See what type of rotor they have. Ask if they considered reading the wireless router reviews as valid in their choice  

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