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Benefit of EFB Pellet

Updated on August 12, 2014
EFB Pellet is a new renewable energy from Malaysia
EFB Pellet is a new renewable energy from Malaysia

Benefits of EFB Pellet

For the past years, engineers and scientists never stopped researching for alternative energy source particularly the chances of having renewable energy. Among the renewable energies known, biomass has been widely promoted where EFB pellet is considered an important and new commodity.

There are many people who are not familiar with the EFB pellet but are aware of the wood pellet or saw dust pellet which comes from thrown saw dust. By pelletize machine, the EFB fiber undergoes a process and the end product becomes the EFB pellet.

Shredded EFB Fibre


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What are the benefits of EFB pellet?

EFB pellet is eco-friendly as it produces less to no smoke during the burning process. The major contributor of air pollution is the production of smoke and fumes during the process of burning. The EFB pellet produces less smoke or none at all. The reason behind this is because the pellet is a dry and dense material that initiates full combustion without the fume or smoke discharged.

EFB pellet is considered a renewable energy source. Since EFB fiber is a renewable type of energy, it follows that the resulting product, the EFB pellet, is also renewable. In addition, the pelletize process uses electric energy therefore once the pellet is shipped to another country it will also signify transfer of the electric current.

In view of this, it is not a surprise that the electric tariff in Malaysia is a lot lower than other countries like Korea and Japan. But as soon as the Malaysian made pellets are exported to Japan, the latter can enjoy competitive electric tariff as well.

Handling of EFB pellet is relatively easy including its storage and transportation. Pellets with 6-10mm diameter and <30mm length are packaged in jumbo bags, which would weight a gross amount of 700kg per bag considering its small size and high density. Transport of the jumbo bags can be done through a truck or container without using too much space.

Around 28MT of EFB pellet can be stored within a 40 feet container. Jumbo bags can be piled up in stack for storage purposes. In comparison to palm fiber briquette, a 20 feet container will be able to store more EFB pellets.

EFB pellets constantly deliver burning efficiency. The burning process of EFB pellets is easy and can be completely converted to ash. Upon feeding to the biomass boiler grate, the pellet will get thoroughly combusted. Pellets with 6-10mm in diameter get fully burnt without leaving portions not combusted. It may be necessary to have a dedicated inner hold design to fully combust the EFB briquette.

EFB pellets transform waste to useful energy. One of the countries with abundant Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB) is Malaysia with less usage. Malaysia has been awarded as one of the world-renowned EFB pellet manufacturers due to their conversion of EFB fiber to pellet. The EFB pellet is one application that maximizes the use of EFB fiber. The EFB fiber is light and thin, which makes it not ideal for generating heat.

EFB pellet is processed from the EFB fiber, which is dense and suitable for heat production and combustion. Since the EFB pellet is smoke-free during combustion, it means to say that it is a great renewable source of energy and will not generate harmful airborne contaminant to the atmosphere. When comparing coal with EFB pellet, the latter has lesser particular produced during the burning process.

Where you could buy Quality EFB Pellet

Malaysia is the country who having palm oil industry which generate 20million tons of EFB per year. The most of the EFB will be processed as shredded EFB for biomass purpose. The shredded EFB could be further processed becomes EFB pellet.

You are welcome to contact DST for understand more about our EFB pellet products.


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