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Increase Torrent Speed on Slow Connections- Bitmate

Updated on February 4, 2014

The Intro

In past fifty years, Internet has evolved itself from those bits per seconds to well over 1 gbps. But still there are certain parts of world, mostly developing ones where Internet barely marks its presence. With the advent of broadband Internet, peer to peer file sharing network has evolved a lot. Reason of popularity lies in the ease with which anyone can share whatever they like. Though there are some downsides of this like increased piracy but every coin has two sides. Its often seen that, mostly by those low speed fellas, that even with good share ratio and seeders, they aren't able to get download speed they get what they are promised by their ISP or achieve through direct download. If you are one of those , then Bitmate might be the solution. Let's see what it is all about.

So What is Bitmate

As they say, BT for less privileged, Bitmate is a file sharing p2p program that lets you create torrents or download data they link to, just like bittorrent/utorrent/whatever you use. From inside, it is a modified vuze client which is optimized for slow Internet connections. Interface of the parent program is kept intact though. It is developed by a Pakistani computer professor+entrepreneur, Dr.Umar Saif and his team.

It is available under GNU GPL and can be downloaded from sourceforge (link given at the end of the page). It increases the torrent download speed by giving priority to slow peers as there chance of reciprocating are high and avoiding redundant data downloads from same source by multiple users.So if your Internet sucks while downloading torrents, then you should try this.

UI of Bitmate
UI of Bitmate

Testing Testing 123...

Let me clear myself again that

"This program boosts download speed only on slow connections with max downlink/download speed less than 256 kbps"

and that only when

"You are not getting that speed during torrent download but achieve during direct download."

By direct download, i mean that you are downloading from some Internet server like downloading from Microsoft website. But you may get better speed if you fulfill second condition. Well that's just the theory. To get the real idea, it needs to be tested.

For a slow connection i used mobile tethering while connecting over GSM data i.e. when GPRS or EDGE ( average speed lies near 20-25 kBps) is used for connecting to Internet and not 3G or HSDPA (average speed from 40-50 to well over 1mBps) which is way too fast. Here mBps and kBps means megabytes and kilobytes and not bits (kbps/mbps). Testing was done with same torrent over a 2 minutes time frame.

Below lies the screenshot comparison between utorrent and bitmate over same Internet connection :

Download with Utorrent

Green line shows download speed. You can see that speed never goes above 10 kBps (kilobytes or 80 kbps).
Green line shows download speed. You can see that speed never goes above 10 kBps (kilobytes or 80 kbps).

Download with Bitmate

The change is drastic. Speed is over 10kBps all the time. Click to enlarge.
The change is drastic. Speed is over 10kBps all the time. Click to enlarge.

For some, downloading torrents at these speeds may sound funny but for others this is a very good solution to cope up with slow Internet to some extent. But again, this doesn't make your Internet connection pop like a space shuttle. It only improves what your already got.

It's your Turn Now

To check whether bitmate is for you, just download it from the link given below and see whether it makes any difference. But, as i said earlier, if those conditions are satisfied, you will definitely get a boost. Sometimes the changes are unbelievable as speed as may increase two fold. Keep this thing in mind that you will not get the exact speed what you pay for but anything near it is worth your money.

But be careful about what you are downloading. Give it a try to leave your comments if you have any questions. Do +1 if you liked it.


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