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Free Blackberry Torch Themes

Updated on December 13, 2010

Blackberry torch themes

Got yourself a shiny new blackberry torch? Congrats on getting your new mobile. Spice up your new blackberry torch with the themes available.

Free blackberry torch themes a hubpage which provides resources of the best themes available. One can use these free BlackBerry torch themes to customize BlackBerry torch to individual sense of style.

These themes are comes as a small software package that changes the interface of blackberry torch mobile once installed. There are number of available themes for your blackberry to dress up. These come with various color scheme, graphics, menus and background images. Creative developers come with different genres of themes which can perfectly reflect your mood and personality.

Themes can be free and premium, Here are some resources where you can get free themes for your blackberry torch.

Where to download blackberry torch themes ?

Crack berry,

This is a one of the most browsed forums for the whole blackberry apps, themes, ring tones and software’s.  Just browse the blackberry torch themes section in the forums and search for threads which have free in their title.

Themes4bb, even this is a forum similar to crackberry. It has lot of volunteers posting each day. One can find number of free themes from this forums.

Blackberry torch themes

This is a blog which lists the free torch themes as collected from different sources, follow it for frequent updates of themes.

Ubuntu Inspired BlackBerry Torch 9800 Theme

Blackberry torch theme
Blackberry torch theme

A free theme

Here is a free theme for people who visit this page, for more theme browse the urls which were stated above.

Ubuntu based theme

This theme brings the feel ubuntu OS to your blackberry. Check out some screenshots of the theme.

If the theme doesn’t work for you, please perform at least one battery pull for all changes to take effect.


About blackberry torch 9800 touch smartphone

It is the first touch/physical keyboard Smartphone from RIM. This phone comes with brand new blackberry 6 OS. 5 Megapixel camera 3.2 inches HVGA+ touch screen (480x360), Wi-Fi, GPS, Media player, Organizer, Bluetooth.

So, do share the blackberry torch theme which you liked the most.


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