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Things You Can Do When Blogging Becomes Difficult

Updated on June 25, 2010

Are You Struggling to Blog?

Blogging can be a very fun thing to do. You can blog about your daily activities. You can blog about a particular topic. You can get into a niche and start your own niche blog. Some turn a blog into a full time job and make significant amounts of money on it. You can have your reason to blog but inevitably all bloggers will sometimes hit a brick wall. You can't blog. You just can't think of what to write about. Ideas don't flow as easily as it should be. And you really wonder where all the inspiration has gone?

I'm sure these sorts of things happen to every blogger. But the question is how do you deal with it? I know as a blogger. I sometimes have to deal with these problems and as I'm relatively new to blogging negativity sets in and sometimes I just feel like if its all worth it?

Get Help!

Seriously, are you blogging for someone else? Are you trying to meet your reader's requirements to blog everyday?

It can be difficult to meet your reader's requirements sometimes. I don't believe you should blog everyday. Although you can be up to that for a while, you certainly can't do that for the rest of the lifespan of your blog. Sometimes you really need to get external help. Outsourcing or hiring a freelance blogger to help you with posts will be a good option. You can even post an offer on your blog to allow guests posts. I'm sure if your blog is popular as in getting significant amount of pageviews and good rankings, guest bloggers would want to take advantage of that.

Distribute the burden to guest bloggers or freelancers so that it gives you extra time to think of other things. Think of precious times saved to improve your blog in other ways. This becomes even more important if you are planning to make money or earn a living from your blog.

Blog at Your Own Pace

A rushed and hurried blog is pretty obvious when someone reads it. Obvious things like grammatical errors, punctuations happens but even if you manage to have perfect grammar and punctuations the quality of your posts drops.

You really want to spend some time writing posts for your blog. If it takes you more than a day to write a quality post, then do it and if it takes longer by all means take that time! It is better for you to put in more effort in your posts. How you write gives an impression to your fellow readers and depending on how you write and your audience, the number of subscribers or readers can vary significantly.

Top bloggers sometimes take a couple of days to come out with quality posts. And they do this because they want to ensure that they provide the best articles for their audience. Readers will come back for more because the effort you put in is reflected in your articles.


I think as a blogger, we should really enjoy what we are doing and not do it because your readers told you so or someone said so. It is really important to have the interest and the enthusiasm because this shows in your writing style. Nowadays with so many fake blogs or spam blogs, quality posts are few. In addition to that, finding a dedicated blogger who desires to help others with their posts are also few.

Do not be part of the former group. Reach out with a desire to help others but also not at the expense of your energy levels to blog.

Good Luck!

Bryan Wong YH


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