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How to build a website and pick a domain name

Updated on February 18, 2015
A logo design set up for our registrar!
A logo design set up for our registrar! | Source

Picking a web address name.

How to choose your URL for increased SEO.

Currently the algorithm for Google uses your domain name in its search engine. Its not a very high percent of the search, but it can be the difference between you and your competitor. Last I saw I think it was around 3-7% importance of an organic search. So picking relevant keywords within your name can help you out in the long run. It could mean the difference between first and second on Google! Another thing to keep in mind is what it means exactly to have a relevant keyword within your Url name. What I mean by this is, If you have the domain name, Dogtoys dot com you have five searchable terms, Dog, Dog toys, Dog toy, Toy,Toys. The search for dog toys will be the most relevant search for you, the least would be Toy. When you have extra words or letters within your domain name, It can negatively effect you. So find out the domain that you think has the most searched term and stick with it! I know a lot of the dot coms these days are taken, so don't be afraid to register a few. If you feel like you are ready to register or search available domains, just click the picture to the left! An update, some rumors say longer registrations on your URLs can lead to better results too!


Creating a webstore

Of all the ways to make , creating a web store is one of the hardest ways to build. Word press just released a new style and theme to support eCommerce which is awesome however it takes dedication to get everything flowing correctly. You have several stages of setup for the store, first of which is your platform.

We have a store designer that you can subscribe to build your store and its extremely easy to start up. Another option would be to use Word press on one of our hosting plans. The next step includes purchasing an SSL for processing orders with credit cards. Obtaining a merchant account is the final step required for your store, you have to apply for an account to draw funds out of credit cards and transfer them into your account.

Thankfully paypal has made this a simple and easy process, they allow you to simply call and get situated by a real live rep. As far as rates go for merchant accounts, right now in 2014 the standard is around 2.7% and whatever fees in addition. The reason I use paypal is due to their tiered rates and no additional fees, their customer support and ease of use!

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer

WooHoo! Google is now utilizing SSL's within their algorithm for SEO. This is great news because it will further secure the internet as well as allow a purchasable option to increase search engine optimization. Installing an SSL is very dependent on the hosting registrar you host with, sometimes the provider could have a painful process and that can lead to problems for you. If you navigate to our website you can install an SSL extremely fast and get your site secure in as little as 15 minutes. I highly recommend an SSL for any type of database driven website, Joomla and word press are examples. Not only will you get the bonus of increased SEO but added security for scammers trying to phish log in credentials.

How to build a web hosting site using Wordpress - Wordpress in a pinch!

There are many ways to decide what is best for building a site, but word press seems to be one of the best.
There are many ways to decide what is best for building a site, but word press seems to be one of the best. | Source

Developing a Word press site is made simple through this step by step instructional page. We go through themes and widgets, the installation of wordpress and the DNS of your website name. If you want to install custom themes instead of the 2014 theme, go right ahead, a few of the steps may change but for the most part its the same!

Time required: 5+ hours

Difficulty: medium

Cost: $50.00


  • Computer
  • Hosting plan
  • Domain Name


  • Brain


1. Step one is to register a domain name if you haven't.

2. Next, purchase a hosting plan, economy for one website, deluxe or ultimate for many websites.

3. Point the DNS of the URL to the Hosting IP address

4. Use the one click install for wordpress within our hosting plans.

5. Setup a username and password.

6. Go to and login!

Tips to increase visibility.
Tips to increase visibility.

Other Search engine optimization techniques

How to increase your google rank

As far as getting found on the internet, there are a few things you can do to set yourself up for success. The first thing is obviously the website name has to have relevant terms in it.

Next would be to have two to three key phrases listed within your content, around 6-10 times per page within fluid text.

Having pictures with relevant keywords also helps because Google is using that in their search engine.

A minimum of 300 words per page also helps.

Social media links are very important these days, make sure you link in your website!

Lastly but not least, you need to have links to your website from other similar websites.

Recently Google announced they will be using SSL certificates in their algorithm so make sure you get one of those too!

Once your on the search engine, make sure you have all your family and employee's click your listing on google when they search the term you are pulling up for. You can find out what term by installing google analytics.

Website builder
Website builder

Website Builder

Using a builder

The main advantage of using this website builder is that you don't need any knowledge in HTML. This is all included in the builder, making it usable by all. It works off of a program that is installed within the hosting plan and all packaged up within the same product. It also comes with 24/7 support in case you feel as though you need help.

Even if you know how to build a site, having a builder can reduce the amount of work you have to do while keeping a professional look to the site.

It is not a database driven website so if you want a lot of integration within the site, you would need to look into setting up a hosting plan rather than this. Don't worry though, setting up hosting is not hard at all!

Just write your comments below and try your best to help out. Thanks!

What is a better name?

which domain name is best?

See results

A word press tutorial for you!

Leave comments for updates please - Or just let us know how well we are doing!

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