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Buy A New Digital Camera - Best Digital Camera For Everyday Use - Best Professional Digital Camera -Best No Video Camera

Updated on July 27, 2012

As soon as you start thinking it would be great to buy a new digital camera because the old one has gone out of fashion, a lot of questions arise. Which one is the best? What criteria to take into consideration? How about the price? All these questions need answering before you can find the best digital camera to buy.

So let's start unwrapping them one by one. First of all, when you intend to buy a new digital camera, there are several factors to consider:

  • Resolution. Resolution is measured in megapixels. Simply put it shows how many pixels are available to make a photo. For instance, 6 megapixels means that there's 6 million pixels in one image. The more pixels there are, the more detailed photos can be made. Pixels are particularly important if you wish to print your photos, since the larger number of pixels results in larger pictures. Modern digital cameras have now reached 12 megapixel resolution and more.
  • Optical zoom. How much optical zoom you need depends on what you'll use your camera for. If you want to take pictures of your family members or friends, then up to 5x optical zoom is enough. However, for shooting objects or wildlife, 10x or more is preferable.
  • Battery life. Battery life is especially important to consider if you travel frequently. It is usually measured by the number of photos that can be done with a fully charged battery. For compact cameras, around 1000 photos can be considered as enough, meanwhile advanced cameras should take around 3000 photos.
  • Size and weight. The heavier a camera is the harder it is to carry along. Thus, if you're thinking about using it often, it is advisable to look for a smaller one.
  • Operating speed. Start-up speed, shutter speed and latency speed. The second one is particularly important as it defines the time gap between the press of the button and the moment when the photo is actually taken. The less it is, the better. In the meantime, latency speed shows how much time is needed to store the image in the memory card after it's taken. This can, by the way, be improved by purchasing a better memory card.

There are, of course, other factors which can be taken into account when you buy a new digital camera but for an inexperienced  user, I'd say those are the very basics.

Ok, so now you know what factors should be given the most importance so let's start selecting exact models which fit best into those categories.

Compact digital cameras

Compact digital cameras are lightweight, easy to use and suitable for an average consumer. The majority of them are capable of making high quality photos, however, only at close distances and normal lighting conditions. The price usually depends on the variety of features but mostly it is moderately low.

Canon Power-Shot SX210 IS

Canon Power-Shot SX210 IS is a powerful compact digital camera with an impressive 14 megapixel resolution which allows to take very detailed pictures. You also don't need to worry about objects far away, since SX210 IS offers an incredible 14x optical zoom. This is enough to trace your neighbours on the other side of the street (just kidding :D). The camera precisely displays all the colors and the distortion of image proportions is also minimal. However, when using a flash, the quality diminishes a little and unfortunately no external flash can be plugged in. In terms of video recording, SX210 SI is a perfect choice, since the quality is pretty high and the maximum length of a video is only restricted to the size of a memory card. 4GB memory card, for example, can store up to 20 minutes of video material recorded at 1024x720 HD resolution. An excellent result. SX210 SI weighs 212g - a bit too much as for a compact digital camera but it is still suitable for everyday use and can easily be carried in a pocket. The biggest drawback of SX210 SI is the absence of internal memory. To store photos and videos, memory card is needed.


  • High quality, detailed photos and videos
  • 14x optical zoom
  • Quite high battery life (757 photos)
  • Effective image stabiliser


  • No internal memory (memory card required)
  • High price 

Canon Power-Shot SD1400 IS

Another digital camera by Canon. Tiny SD1400 IS weighs only 134g and is as light as a feather (well, almost). The camera also offers a stunning 14 megapixel resolution and a very effective OIS (optical image stabiliser). It reduces blurring caused by the shaking of camera, thus contributing to even greater quality of images. SD1400 IS has only 4x optical zoom which is very low compared to many modern digital cameras but still enough to take pictures of your friends at parties ! Integrated flash is quite poor and the quality of images suffers considerably when it is used. Plus, battery life is only 550 photos - another drawback if you want to use it often and don't have time to charge it. Nevertheless, SD1400 IS is very practical and its low price makes it an acceptable purchase.


  • Impressively high resolution
  • High quality images
  • Effective image stabiliser
  • Very practical because of its small size
  • Low price 


  • Only 4x optical zoom
  • Short battery life
  •  Poor flash
  • No zoom option when recording

Sony DSC-TX5

Well, in short, DSC-TX5 is extremely suitable for extreme people ;) It works perfectly under water and has a very effective macro mode which allows to take photos of objects only 1cm away. Therefore, you can take images of fish or other marine life if you want. Or you can record it, as DSC-TX5 records videos at a high 1024x720 resolution and saves them in MPEG-4 format. The maximum length of a video is (!) 58min when recorded at the highest quality - brilliant ! When considering its practicallity, it weighs only 140g and is very small (9.4x5.8x1.8 cm). Other features are quite moderate - 10 megapixel resolution and a mere 4x optical zoom.


  •  Minimal distortion of colors
  •  Effective macro mode
  •  High quality video recording
  •  Water-proof
  •  Has touch screen
  •  Light weight


  • Average Resolution
  •  Only 4x Optical Zoom
  •  High Price

Best Value For Money

When searching for the best digital camera to buy at the best possible price, I would really give a try for

Fujifilm Finepix F80EXR 

This digital camera has 12 megapixel resolution so photos come out in a great detail although slightly too dark. It also has 10x optical zoom and records videos at a pretty high quality. Although F80EXR start-up speed is a little disappointing (2.6 seconds), its shutter speed is blinding - 0.3 seconds. Another drawback is its battery life. With fully charged battery F80EXR can make only 643 photos - let's admit it's a little bit low, isn't it? However, its quality/price ratio really makes it the best digital camera to buy.


  • 12 megapixel resolution
  • 10x optical zoom
  • High quality videos and photos
  • Fast photo shooting
  • Price that doesn't bite
  • Light weight


  • Slow start-up
  • Short battery life

Advanced Digital Cameras

Advanced digital cameras are geared towards more skilled consumers. They take extremely high quality photos and possess a greater variety of functions. Compared to compact cameras, they are a lot heavier and therefore, not very suitable for everyday use. Prices of advanced digital cameras are also around twice as high compared to compact ones.

Canon EOS 550D

Canon EOS 550D
This camera has an enormous, jaw-opening, mind-blowing 18 megapixel resolution which allows to take 5184x3456 (Wow !) images and print them on a 31x20 piece of paper. This is absolutely amazing, since only very few digital cameras can print such large images without any loss of quality. EOS 550D also carries an exceptionally good integrated flash with almost no color distortion (well, red color is a bit dominant but compared to other cameras the distortion is marginal). If you're not satisfied with that (which is barely possible), you can plug in an external flash. For example, Canon recommends Canon Speedlite 430EX flashgun which is even more effective. 550D can record HD (1080p) videos which can later be transferred and watched on a high-definition screen. Despite its huge matrix, EOS 550D is relatively small (13x10x8 cm)and lightweight (543g).


  • Extremely high resolution
  • Superb quality of images and videos
  • Very effective built-in flash
  • Even more effective external one
  • Fast operating
  • Light weight


  •  Average battery life (1669 photos)
  • A bit pricy

Olympus Evolt E-620

Typically, I start by pointing out benefits but I decided to break this rule this time. Ready? Olympus Evolt E-620 has no video recording option ! Ouch ! Now that's a little disappointing but it does not prevent me from putting this camera on the list. Because when you take a look at its high 12.2 megapixel (4032x3024) resolution, its compliment-deserving, body-based image stabiliser, its compellingly endurant battery (2514 photos), its relatively small size (13x9.6x7.4 cm, 537g), its wide variety of functions, its convenient swivel screen and of course its moderate price, even the poor integrated flash, the absence of HDMI connection and slow shutter don't look so frightening anymore. I hope you got the idea, right? :)


  • High resolution
  • Long battery life
  • Light weight
  • Effective, body-built stabiliser
  • Swivel screen
  • Huge range of options
  • Relatively low price


  • No Video Recording
  • No HDMI connection
  • Poor internal flash (flashgun recommended)
  • Shutter speed is only 1.15sec

Nikon D5000

Detail of images taken with Nikon D5000 is very high thanks to 12.2 megapixel resolution. However, colors are a bit distorted, therefore, photos come out a little too dark. Built-in flash is also quite poor, therefore, Nikon recommends to use Speedlight SB-90 or some other flashgun. Shutter speed is 0.8 sec which is very slow keeping in mind the fact that most advanced digital cameras take photos more than twice as fast. Nevertheless, D5000 has a very powerful battery which, when fully charged, allows to take up to 3132 photos ! It also has a swivel screen which can be tilted in any direction and, therefore, allows to take candid photos from various angles.


  • High resolution
  • Long battery life
  • Swivel screen
  • High quality photos and videos
  • Low price


  • Poor integrated flash
  • Relatively slow
  • Heavy (620g)

Nikon SB-600 Speedlight Flash + Accessory Kit
Nikon SB-600 Speedlight Flash + Accessory Kit

Flashgun recommended by Nikon + Accessory kit


Best Value For Money

The best digital camera to buy at a decent price, I'd say is

Pentax K-x.

This camera has a high 12.2 megapixel resolution which allows to take photos in HD (720p). Integrated flash is poor (as in most cameras) but with recommended Pentax AF-540 FGZ flashgun, images are far better. K-x takes photos quickly and is very comfortable to use. However, its battery life is extremely short (only... 278 photos) and its size (12,3x9,3x7.5 cm, 637g) results in lower portability. Nevertheless, when taking into account its moderate price and high quality photos as well as its clear and easy to apply functions, this is definitely a worthwile investment.


  • High quality images
  • Fast operating
  • Effective, built-in image stabiliser
  • Effective external flash
  • Decent price


  • Short battery life
  • Heavy

Overall, the task to buy a new digital camera isn't so difficult to fulfill. You always need to know what it will be used for. If it's for everyday use like parties, a cheap compact digital camera is perfect. If you intend to take professional looking photos, go for an advanced one. If you're travelling a lot, battery life is one of the main factors to consider and so forth. When you know why you are buying it, it becomes a lot easier to find the best digital

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    • passionate77 profile image


      5 years ago

      very nice and informative hub, thanks for sharing all this really helpful information, blessings for sharing all this tips and features!


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