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Best Buy iPad Insurance - Best Buys for IWarranty on Dropped iPads

Updated on July 6, 2011

Protect your iPad with iPad Insurance

Your ipad can break. The large touch screen is sensitive to drops and falls. Initial Reports of accidental iPad breakage started coming into the top Apple repair sites online within the first weekend. Unfortunately, the ipad parts supply is rather limited, so regardless of cost the parts just dont exist yet to repair your broken iPad quickly.

If you buy your iPad from a major big box store they most likely offered some warranty protection? Did you take it?

If you bought your iPad from an apple store then you had the option for purchasing Applecare - but Applecare doesnt cover drop and fall!

Many other issues could go wrong with your apple product that would be covered by Applecare or Big box store warranties, but I would submit to you that your best option for any electronics warranties is via the SquareTrade Service.

Get Protection for Your Ipad - Insurance for iPad

SquareTrade - iPad Insurance

If you are unfamiliar with SquareTrade than you must not be very active with eBay. As an eBay seller, I have been partnered with SquareTrade for close to 2 years. Their service allows ebay sellers to offer warranties on products they sell.

There offerings are extended to all electronics items. Unlike Applecare they offer drop and spill protection for 2 years - Applecare offers none.

The Price of all Squaretrade warranties is less than all Applecare plans ( This is of course intentional competitive pricing)

There is no deductable for fulfillment of warranty

The warranties cover complete same model replacement, repair or Cash.

AppleCare - iPad Insurance

I dislike Applecare - they cover "normal issues" for the first two years. I dont feel I should have to pay money to get protection for "normal issues" - I translate normal issues as defective product and product flaws and I feel I should be covered on my $500 purchase without additional Insurance costs.

But, AppleCare does cover access to a technical support line and assistance on software issues. As you add new apps to your iPad and begin to push the hardware to perform in new ways you may discover some limitations and errors that having a 24 hour tech support option for - would be quite helpful.

iPad Protection - AppleCare for iPad Insurance

iPad Insurance - Save money and purchase iPad w/ warranty package

In order to stay competitive you will find alot of online sellers both on eBay and Amazon, offer iPads with an insurance and warranty plan. The price difference is usually minimal. If you find one - scoop it up. Its worth every penny.

Best iPad Insurance

Your best bet for keeping your iPad safe is proper care and handling combined with a good iPad protection system.

An overview of iPad Protection options

An overview of iPad case options

An overview of iPad Kickstand options


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    • pmccray profile image

      pmccray 7 years ago from Utah

      My boss was just commenting, to some of us in the office today, that he didn't think the ipad would be the "hot" item that it's touted as being. He voiced concerns of damage due to rought handling. I will share this hub with him. Thanks for the great information.