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Buying an Apple Macbook Pro on Ebay or from US

Updated on November 26, 2012
  1. I am confused between buying a Macbook Pro directly from US or from Ebay?
  2. I am really interested in buying a Macbook Pro and wanted to know is it worth buying Macbook from Ebay or should I buy directly from an Apple store in US?
  3. I want to know about the duties and taxes that I have to pay at Indian airport?
  4. What about the Apple warranty? Will it still be valid in India if I buy a Mac from United States?
  5. Should I buy a Mac Pro online instead?

I want to know about the duties and taxes that I have to pay at Indian airport?

No there is not need to pay taxes at airport if someone brings a laptop or any single item with him. Bring it through customs as cabin baggage, don't bring all the packaging, etc. It should seem as if it is your daily-use laptop (technically), although no one really cares. But why take chances, as you might get a particularly cranky customs inspector. I once saw some guy forced to pay 80% duty on three mobiles bought in Dubai and brought into India via Delhi.

Should I buy a Mac Pro online instead?

Although buying an Apple Macbook Pro is in itself a purchase of debatable utility, so it is better to spend the money on a high-end standard laptop bought online at Ebay or from an Apple store in India.

What about the Apple warranty? Will it still be valid in India if I buy a Mac from United States?

Make sure if you are buying an Apple Mac Pro from outside India, buy with international warranty or it would not cover here in India.

Latest Apple Macbook Pro Pic
Latest Apple Macbook Pro Pic | Source

Comparing Macbook versus PC

Yes it is difficult to compare Apple Macbook Pro with PC. I am using both, a Powerbook G4 15" (2004 model) since last six years, never had any problems, like crashes, virus infections, etc. It is still working rock solid, only the battery backup has decreased. I upgraded its OS to 10.5 Leopard, and upgraded its RAM to 1 GB. But the disadvantages are application compatibility and limited availability. At this point, the personal computer wins. If you want full freedom of installing various applications and games, go for a windows based laptop. If your usage is very casual and you want a luxurious and stylish laptop go for a Macbook. I have heard that people working on designing mostly use a Mac based system, and also at this point of time if you want to buy a laptop, it must be MAC as it is rocking nowadays.

Is it worth buying Macbook from Ebay or should I buy directly from an Apple store in US?

At last, I would say that you can buy a high-end laptop from online electronics shopping sites like Ebay and Amazon here in India or buy it from an Indian laptop store, as buying it from US and bringing it to India by paying duty and taxes at the airport will be much more expensive than the Indian deal. It is risky too.

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    • soni2006 profile imageAUTHOR

      Rajinder Soni 

      8 years ago from New Delhi, India

      I also wonder about this ocbill. If a person buys only 1 or 2 items for self use, then what is the big deal. I think one reason is that some people will make misuse of this and will travel to close countries just for purchasing an item and then selling them in grey market in their your own country. I think this is the reason why airport authorities force duties.

    • ocbill profile image


      8 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

      I really wonder why do countries force these duties to bring in a personal item 1 or 2 things, if that person will never buy one in their own country at triple the cost.


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