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buying dj equipment online or instore - where is cheaper or best

Updated on June 27, 2012

Buying Brand New

Buying your decks and mixer brand can have many advantages. You will be able to buy the best technology at that time, it will be working perfect, and will probably come with a manufacturer guarantee for at least 1 to 3 years. If any problems arise, the store will have to replace the faulty kit. There is the first obvious hurdle however, of the price. Compared to buying second equipment, it can be twice and even tree times more expensive. Would this extra money be better spent on your records, and music, or another piece of equipment that you need? However, high street stores are competing aggressively for your business, so you can usually get a 10% knocked off the price, if you say that the business down the road is cheaper, and you will go buy with them.

Another disadvantage that you can find with buying brand new equipment, is the price that you can then resell it for if you change your mind. There will be roughly about a 30%-50% drop in value as soon as you walk out the store. Instead with a second hand piece of equipment, you can usually resell it for the same price.

Buying Second-hand

The advantage of buying your DJ equipment second-hand is that you can get a better and higher standard of equipment for your money. Instead of buying a basic set of decks and a mixer brand new, you can then afford a better set.

Obviously the disadvantage of buying dj equipment second hand is that that you don’t know how well the person selling the equipment has treated it.

Shopping in the high street

A high-street store has some things you won’t be able to get anywhere else. They have the best range of new and different equipment. They also have the ability for you to have a quick demo on the equipment. Most of the time the sales person is not that knowledgeable though, especially if they are new to the job. Try and track down some who does know their equipment well. Even if you have to go to another store.

Also, you can read all the reviews you want online, its not until you actually try the equipment yourself that you will find if its right for you. You will also be able to take home the equipment right there an then and get going, instead of having to wait for your online delivery to arrive.

second-hand and pawn shops

When some people are struggling for money, they will sometimes take their prized dj equipment to the pawn shop. These types of shops can be great to find high quality bargains at. Since there are now so many high street cash for goods shops, its even worth having a browse around a few of them in your city. The reason is that you are looking for the dj's who have taken very good care of their equipment, and had to sell them to the shop. These shops usually allow you to test and try the dj equipment, which can be great, if your looking for something that really fits your needs. Sometimes even the people who work there are actually very knowledgeable about the subject too.

buying DJ equipment online

Buying equipment can be sometimes much cheaper than buying it from a store. Since most of the time, the overheads for an online business will be low, they pass the savings on to you. Another thing that you can also do is find discount codes for a particular site, that can really bag you a bargain. This can happen with larger store sites too, since sometimes they buy too much stock, and want to get rid of it quick, so they publish a special discount which means you get to buy it cheaper too.

You have to be careful who you are buying from though. Some stores online will not even have the equiotpemtn themselves, and they will be ordering it from another vendo, so check the estimated delivery time, and make sure its not a problem from you. Having them get the equitpment from another vendor is not a problem though, they sometimes have special purchasing deals, where they get it cheaper, and then once again pass the savings on to you. Plus online stores sometimes offer really great combination deals, where you can buy all you need in one go, or even mix and match, and this is still much cheaper than buying it from the store on the high street.

If you are just getting started in DJing, you can sometimes find manufacturers selling their own combinations of decks and mixers aimed at this type of beginner, so be sure to check the bigger online sites, along with the smaller independent ones.


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