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Canon Photo Scanner Review

Updated on July 3, 2017

A Canon Photo Scanner or An Epson Photo Scanner: Which One is Better?

I began with the idea that the difference between Canon and Epson photo scanners would be no more significant than the old song made famous by Louis Armstrong, with its line "You like tomato and I like tomahto..."

And I still held that opinion by the time I finished doing research at Amazon, with its product descriptions and customer reviews, at the manufacturers' websites, and at other places around the net.

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Canon vs. Epson: What I Learned

It Really DOESN'T Matter.

After surfing all over the internet and reading far more opinions than facts, I have formed my own opinion:

When it comes to choosing what to buy, you are likely to be happy with an Epson photo scanner or a Canon photo scanner... provided you select one that has the features you need.

If you need the higher resolution, larger scanning area, ability to scan negatives larger than 35 mm, or other features of a high end scanner, then get one. You won't be happy with a low end piece of equipment, no matter who made it.

So overall, it's about the features of specific models.

Features to Look for in a Slide or Photo Scanner

Also consider what other customers say about any scanner.

What do you want to do with the scanner you will get? That will determine which features matter to you. Here are some features to consider.


How many DPI (dots per inch) do you need? The more you are going to be printing things out at larger sizes than the original photo, the higher the resolution, you will need. My photographer husband found that for his projects 2400 DPI was good.


If you will be scanning in thousands of family slides or photos for archival purposes, you may care less about the resolution and more about how quickly you can get the job done. (There are services you can hire too.)


If you will need to scan in large photos especially, be sure the scanner is large enough. Or some of them, like the Epson V33 and V330, have software to join together multiple scans, like if you are scanning in a map.


If you want a small, lightweight scanner to take places, you may want one that gets its power through its USB connection with your laptop.

Best Canon Photo Scanners

The description of these as best is because they are the top rated by Amazon customers. This means they received large numbers of positive reviews. What will turn out to be best for you will be a combination of features you want and the price that suits your budget.

Canon CanoScan 9000F Color Image Scanner
Canon CanoScan 9000F Color Image Scanner

Extremely popular and with many features. See more comments and a video on the 9000F a bit further down the page.


My Top Pick of the Canons - Hundreds of people rate this one at the top!

This unit has so many great features... if I were buying a Canon today, it would be the 9000F.

Its resolution is up to 9600x9600.

It's easy to use.

Its FARE3 built-in software removes scratches and restores colors from old photos, slides, and negatives.

Canon CanoScan 9000F Color Image Scanner
Canon CanoScan 9000F Color Image Scanner

To find out a LOT more about how people use this and what they like, read the hundreds of customer reviews.


A Video Review of the Epson V600 and the Canon 9000F - This is a good example of comparing specific models rather than brands.

From a Youtube username of Epsonfans, so I expected a bias! But I thought it was a fair review all the way through.

Please note that if you click through to from here and if you buy something, Hubpagesand I may share a commission, at no cost to you. I appreciate the income, as it enables me to spend time doing research like this.

Do You Favor Canon, Epson, or Neither?

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    • hartworks lm profile image

      hartworks lm 5 years ago

      @Paul Ward: Thanks! I did my homework, as we were getting one ourselves!

    • Paul Ward profile image

      Paul 5 years ago from Liverpool, England

      Good, honest reviews of Photo Scanners.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Canon and Epson is the best scanners


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