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Can't get my email on my cell phone

Updated on April 24, 2015

Can't sign in to gmail from my phone





So you just bought a new phone or switched providers from your existing phone but you can't sign into your email. Your only option seems to be removing your email account from your phone but you can't do this either without resetting to factory original condition. There may be a solution you haven't considered.

Primary email won't connect on your cell phone

Primary email won't connect on your iphone

If you just switched phone plans or have bought your first cell phone and cannot add or sign in on your gmail account you may have an issue with Google 2-Step Verification. This feature was offered to help reduce the possibility of having your password stolen. You increase your risks if you have used the same password on more than one site, downloaded software or clicked links on email messages.

Even if someone does steal your password 2-Step Verification protects you by adding additional security which requires access to your cell phone. When a hacker tries to break into your gmail account from an unknown computer it will ask them for a verification code that it automatically sends to your phone by voice or text. This code is required to access your account and the code changes every time for every new computer or device.

If you have activated Google 2-Step Verification and then get a new phone or a new sim card for a new phone plan then you probably cannot gain access to your email from your phone even though you are entering the correct password. The reason is because Google 2-Step Verification does not recognize your new device or sim card. Do not delete this gmail account from your phone or reset to factory settings.

How to access your gmail account on your cell or iphone

  1. Log into your gmail account from any computer
  2. Make sure you can receive your 2-Step code via text or voice message
  3. If you don't have access to your phone you should have 2-Step back-up codes printed
  4. Click on your gmail account icon and go to settings
  5. Then go to security
  6. Select 2-Step Verification Settings and disable
  7. Now restart your phone
  8. Go to the gmail account on your cell phone or iphone
  9. Enter the password
  10. Your account should now connect
  11. Go back to security settings in your gmail or google account and re-enable 2-Step Verification

Google 2-Step Verification Video Tutorial

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