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Casio Graphic Calculator - Buy for 1/2 Price Online

Updated on May 31, 2011

Casio Graphic Calculator Shopping Guide

If you are ready to buy a Casio Graphic Calculator, then it's time to get the best prices by shopping online where other smart shoppers do - ebay! Over 30% cheaper than other online discount prices.

You have probably done the research, compared the Casio Graphics calculators against other Texas Instrument Calculator models, (surprisingly, people that have used both, prefer the Casio as the superior model), and know this is the calculator you want, but if you still need them, you can see the specs for each Casio Graphic calculator model in the text beside the listings below.

When you shop on ebay - the Nets' largest online marketplace - you will get the best prices and selections available. And with ebay's Buyer Protection, and Top-Rated Sellers programs, your purchases are guaranteed to be as safe and secure as any you would make at your favorite local electronics store!

Casio Graphic Calculator FX-9750GA Plus

The Casio Graphic Calculator FX-9750GA Plus has a MSRP of $79.99, and the best "discount" price found at other online sources was $59.99, but when you shop ebay you can find listings that start as low as $29.99! For the same brand new calculator!

So save all that search effort at take a look at some of the choices on the right and below.

If you need them. you can see the specs for the FX-9750GA Plus here

And you can shop with confidence on ebay. It is not the "flea market" of the early years. Now the Nets' largest online marketplace, ebay has two programs that strive to ensure your shopping experience is as safe and satisfying as any you would have at a local electronics store.

ebay's Buyer Protection and Top-Rated Sellers programs gaurantee that your purchase arrives in your hands just as you expect. Or your money back!

ps. some ebay listings may be one-time deals, so if you see a bargain you like - make a decision - it may not be there the next time you look.

Casio Graphic Calculator CFX-9850G Plus

Get it in color! The Casio Graphic Calculator CFX-9850G Plus has all the bells and whistles - plus a color screen!

Here are the specs for the Casio Graphic Calculator CFX-9850G Plus

Don't let some one else snatch-up that great bargain while you "think about it!"

Casio Graphic Calculator FX-9750GII

The Casio Graphic Calculator FX-9750GII model is the newest addition to the Casio graphing calculator line, and you can get the best prices available online with some of these ebay listings.

You can shop with confidence with ebay sellers that are rated in ebay's Top-Rated Sellers program. These are sellers that ebay has vetted, and have a sterling record of positive past customer sales and responses. Just look for the Top-Seller icon beside their listings.

All models may not be half-off, but you can be sure the prices will be better than any you can find anywhere else online.

And you don't always have to bid, or wait for an auction to end. Just look for the Buy-it-Now price by any listing, and you can make an immediate purchase.

Casio FX 7400G Graphic Calculator

The Casio FX 7400G Plus Graphic Calculator is the standard bearer of the Casio line of math and scientific calculators. And even better, you can find them at over half-off on ebay!

Perfect for school math and algebra classes, the FX 7400G has the math and graphic capibilities you need. Here are the Casio FX 7400G Plus Graphic Calculator specs.

Remember, some listings may be one-time deals, don't let someone else click the buy-button first while you "think about it!"

Didn't see the Casio Graphic Calculator you were looking for?

With hundreds of Casio calculator listings, you have tons of chances to save money. If you didn't see the Casio model you were looking for, just use the link below to:

Casio Graphic Calculator

Casio Graphic Calculator
Casio Graphic Calculator
GA Anderson aka Appletreedeals
GA Anderson aka Appletreedeals

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    • Topnewhottoys profile image

      Topnewhottoys 6 years ago from Salisbury, Maryland

      casio has been making graphic calculators for a long time, but the ebay links really do lead to good cheap prices