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Choosing the Best Cell Phone Model for Your Lifestyle

Updated on June 29, 2012

Mobile Phone Design Types to Choose From

For every type of cell phone or mobile phone user, there is a model that suits best. Here are the common types of cell phone models available.

Bar Phone

The bar phone is one of the most classic phone designs that has stood the test of time. This commonly features a fixed physical numeric keypad placed below the display screen. These are probably the lightest and smallest phone models in the market that fits conveniently in most pockets. Many budget phones use this design. It is a no-fuss phone which is perfect for those who only text and call. Some use the bar phone as an auxiliary phone while some use it as a main business phone.

Nokia E-51 bar phone
Nokia E-51 bar phone | Source

Clamshell / Flip Phone

Individuals who favor the clamshell or flip type phone love this model because of its compactness and its larger-than-usual screen. Because the gadget closes in on itself, the screen is protected from other elements whether inside the pocket or in a handbag. Even with the flood of high end smart phones and touch phones, many manufacturers and major mobile service providers will continue to issue clamshell phones due to its demand, durability, and reliability.

Motorola RAZR3 V13
Motorola RAZR3 V13 | Source

QWERTY Phone / Keypad Phone

A lot of cell phone users find it easier to type text messages on a physical QWERTY keypad than on touchscreen phones. Most QWERTY phones provide faster input compared to numeric or multi-tap keypads. These types of phones are bigger than bar phones which people with smaller hands find it cumbersome to use. Individuals with larger fingers and those who favor feeling a physical keypad will appreciate the QWERTY phone.

BlackBerry Bold 9900
BlackBerry Bold 9900 | Source

Slider Phone

Slider phones can give you the best of both worlds; a compact phone design and physical keyboard. The newer slider phone models also offer touch screen characteristics. Slider phone models either come in QWERTY keyboards or multi-tap numeric keyboards. These offer bigger screens and convenient keyboard typing at the expense of having a heavier or bulkier phone.

Sony Ericsson XPERIA Pro
Sony Ericsson XPERIA Pro | Source

Touchscreen Phone

Touchscreen phones offer a touch-sensitive screen providing a dynamic interface for messaging, web browsing, gaming, and reading. Larger-sized screens are more favored for this type of phone model to accommodate larger finger movement. Some find it useful to have a stylus for more precision when using the touchscreen phone. This phone model is perfect for those who are always on the go and would always require heavy web browsing, watching videos, and gaming.

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Samsung Galaxy SIII
Samsung Galaxy SIII | Source


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