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Cell Phone Tips

Updated on February 1, 2013

Choosing A New Cell Phone

The nature of the cell phone industry is one of constant change so it is not surprising that cell phone users can become confused; additional services and features have transformed this very popular device. There is much misinformation out there, which needs to be looked at before buying a cellular phone; this article hopes to address the situation.

With the advancements in battery technology, batteries last much longer than they did when they were first invented but waiting until the last possible moment to recharge is not a good idea. If you do not want to replace your cell phone battery early then you must not continue leaving the recharge cycle until the last minute.

Whilst there are a number of methods that can help extend the life of your cell phone battery, one really easy way is to lower the brightness of the screen back light. It doesn't normally have to be at full intensity for you to see what's on the screen.

If you travel in areas where there is no coverage or there is only roaming coverage, turn your cell phone off completely to save battery power while trying to locate a network and in addition to this , try to limit the length of your conversations. Today's cell phones have many more functions and if you spend a great deal of time surfing the Internet or listening to music, the battery deplete earlier than it should, possibly just when you need to use to speak to someone.

Whilst downloading new ring tones and wallpaper is a great idea, many people are given free sample but forget they will be charged for the rest that are download automatically, sometimes without their knowledge. Children are usually the most likely candidates to get caught out like this so if you are buying a phone for your child try to buy a model where you can disable this function with a password.

The two man types of agreements for cell phone users are pay-per use and a monthly contract which can run for one or two years but which option you decide upon will depend on how often you intend to use it. Weigh the prices of both types of agreements before signing on the dotted line because if you plan to use your phone regularly, then a long-term contract might be worth it.

Some features like tri-band or quad-band means they can be used in Europe and Asia but these may only be available with phones that are part of a long term agreement so look out for deals that will be of benefit to you.

It is always a good idea once you are happy that your plan supplies everything you need so check the small print in case there are any further costs not immediately apparent that will be payable once you have signed on the dotted line. Many contracts come with an insurance warranty for the phone because it is easy to loose or damage a phone that is carried with you everywhere. You will have the assurance that it is replaced should anything untoward happen.

If you decide to buy your cell phone on the Internet, make sure it is not an old or outgoing model unless you do not mind of course; otherwise you may find it doesn't have all the features you want included.

Picking A Cell Phone Plan That Works For You

With the number of available cell phone plans on the increase, you need to ensure you get the right cell phone for your needs; the variety of plans however, is good news for owners of cell phones everywhere. With all the different plans and companies that want your business you may be feeling a little confused, but some research will make things clearer; if care is not taken, a contract could cost more than a customer reckoned with.

If you are keen to use a monthly cell phone plan then you have the option of being charged by the minute or by the second. Knowing the two options should help you decide whether your phone use is such that you would be better served with a monthly option that allowed for a certain number of free minutes.

Family plans are becoming more popular as are those based on your geographical location. Unfortunately, they all have good and bad points so look at the small print carefully.

You will often find that monthly schemes provide a better specification phone than the prepaid cellular phones, with more services available to them. Other schemes that include families for instance, have advantages for family and small business use.

The family plans also give a call discount when you call other members of your family that are on the same cellular phone bill. You may also find that other savings are available using this type of plan including special airtime discounts.

Long distance calls are usually included free as part of the package with National cell phone plans. The other advantage to this plan is the lack of roaming charges which can mount up if you are someone who is a regular traveler.

For regional use free national calls do not apply but you may it is unlikely you will be charged full price for the airtime used. Whilst prepaid cell phone plans are generally the best option for most people, this is not usually the case for people who travel a great deal as part of their business.

If you want to stay healthy and sane, allow yourself some free time without the cell phone.

Cell Phone Accessories Target The Young

Today's advertising shows us just who most cellular phones are aimed at: specifically young people; the youth of today relies on it as a statement of their worth. The business world has a much more practical use for the cell phone, using it to communicate by email, internet and video link for instant communication anywhere in the world. The competition to produce new models is very fierce, there doesn't seem to be an end to what they will design into them next. To help feed this technology frenzy, accessory companies like Audiovox cellular phone accessories have become proficient at introducing new phones and optional extras to go with them.

With improvements in battery life, size, design and capabilities it is amazing what can be packed into an Audiovox cell phone not to mention they accessory range. It would be easy to dismiss many cell phone accessories as just for the young but many are worthwhile; for instance the power cord helps to condition the battery while it is charging, increasing its lifespan.

Accessories also include a hip clip holder that can be functional for any type of cell phone even if it isn't for an Audiovox product. Headsets that allow hands free use of the cellular phone have been developed with the driver and safety in mind. This device will help to avoid accidents as many are caused by drivers with only one hand able to control the car because they are on the phone.

With the ability to stop background hiss associated with normal headphones, the latest Audiovox earphones don't even have wires so the phone can be placed safely in a holder on the dash. With this new technology you should always be able to hear the other person clearly and safely.

One such model which does this is called Jabra so if you like this idea then take note of the name. Not only is Jabra light, in fact much lighter that many of its competitors but it also doubles as a speaker phone as well.

The multi-functional antenna for instance, is attached to your car while you drive, and it functions well when you talk to another person on the other line while the car is in motion. Earphones and headsets are becoming more commonplace now but it is always a good idea to check that your Audiovox cellular phone has one included as part of the kit. For young upwardly mobile professionals trying to do carry out many things at the same time these are a great idea as they leave your hands free, which should make it easier if you want to make notes during the call. Remember your Audiovox cellular phones and accessories are designed to compliment your active lifestyle for both the young and more mature user.

Cellular phone ring tones and cellular phone wallpapers

Cellular phone ring tones and cellular phone wallpapers add to the growing number of ways to individualize your cellular phone; this particular after market add-on is worth hundreds of millions of dollars every year. As the number of younger people using phones increases then so will the amount of after sale add-ons that are available. Many of these ring tones are quite amusing and it is becoming simpler to get them installed on your cell phone.

Owing to this surge in popularity devices like the ring tone converter were born to assist with the installation. Many internet sites rely on the technology behind these converters to enable sound files to be downloaded onto cell phones and computers.

A cellular phone ring tone converter may also function when transferring a sound file from other cellular phone brands. Although there are phone models that do not support them, it is possible that the phone has a built in program which will help create an individual sound. Storing the latest sound file onto your cell phone is becoming easier as we speak with the latest ring tone converters doing away with the need for cables and infrared completely.

Of course, serious addicts like to create their own using built in composers. This is not as gimmicky as you think with many really good ring tones having started out as a creation of someone with a ring tone composer. Editing sounds and converting your favorite song into a cellular phone ring tone is easy with modern software.

Sounds that can be sued on phones are also available at an ever increasing number of internet web sites which now cater for the almost insatiable desire for this new craze. Some websites use SMS format where you can download ring tones using a converter, but there are those that merely require the downloading capacity of your phone and nothing more.

Monophonic or polyphonic sounds are now easy for you to obtain, whether it is from the huge variety of internet sites that cater for this or by creating your own very unique sound; you have many options available to you. Just remember before you rush off, make sure that your phone supports the software it needs to create cellular phone ring tones and then use the correct programs if you want ensure there aren't any compatibility problems.

Finding The Best Cheap Cellular Phones

Not everyone wants to be owners of an expensive phone as some people still crave for a cheap cellular phone; knowing where and what to look for is the key to a successful search. Cellular phones have become a very important, almost indispensable addition to all our lives; ownership of these devices is global and has changed the way we communicate.

This technology has changed the way business is carried out and for our lives in general. Whilst many of them are still seen as toys with some of the functions they how have, there is no doubt that they are no longer viewed as just playthings. Although some cell phones can perform many different functions, there are also those basic telephones that are available if you are on a budget.

Not everyone can afford these new very high-tech phones, even if they wanted one so they have no choice but to buy a cheap cellular phone. If you buy a basic model you cannot expect many extra functions that other more expensive phones have as standard. There are many people that do not actually use or want special functions like cameras, mp3 players and a video call facility on their phones so a call only phone is just right for them.

Although it is unlikely, a basic cheap cellular phone may only give you the most basic of facilities. Then of course you need to check the reception of your cell phone, since this is the only thing it is good for, it has to at least be able to carry out this basic function.

Sending and receiving text messages may be available, although this may only be on a limited basis. It will be hard to find a phone today that does not provide a decent text messaging service.

The chance of your phone having an email facility is less likely on a less expensive model. However, if you do need to send and receive messages on your cellular phone from internet sites, a cheap cellular phone probably won't be any good.

However, you may find that you won't actually need to search for an inexpensive phone as a good call cell phone plan package which includes a decent cell phone, may become available. Most network companies have these promotions on cell phone plans from time to time so it will be worth considering if you would prefer a better phone. Finding a package such as this means the thought of searching for a basic phone will be a thing of the past.

Even with something as simple as buying a phone, you need to research a little in order to get as much as you can from your meager budget, then you may not need to settle for a less costly model.

Cellular Phones In Our Modern Society

In the modern society we live in, the ever present cellular phone is already a necessity; no longer valid is the notion that this is merely a luxurious toy except perhaps for children who do not use the phone in its full capacity.

Modern children have grown up with the cell phone as part of their lives and do not understand that many of us grew up safely and happy without the need for them, although the majority parents believe that their child will remain safe while they own one. It makes you wonder if the bubble will ever burst on this most amazing success story.

Already the sale and use of landline phone has decreased despite the global reduction in call costs as cell phones become ever more useful. To make them a little more individual, new features like backgrounds called cellular phone wallpaper have been added.

So what if you want to change the wallpaper on your phone; well all you have to do is look on the internet as there are plenty of web sites dedicated to it. Not only can modern phones communicate between each other which makes transferring screen wallpaper a simple process but it can even be created and shared using the cell phones digital camera. It is also now possible to use your own digital camera for the same purpose but it does require the image are uploaded first.

Why not add some text as well, possibly something funny to your cellular phone wallpaper, just to add a little more of your personality. Of course all this is more recent technology and not everyone changes their phone every six months and not having this facility should detract from the pleasure you can still have from using your cell phone. There is no need to be overly concerned if you cannot alter your wallpaper because it may be possible for you to change the ring tone which will still personalize your phone for you. The ability to change backgrounds and ring tones is for many just the icing on the cake so as long as it can make calls, that is enough.

You do not need to have special background or ring tone to send a text message do you? Functionality does not necessitate cellular phone wallpapers; their use is only to dress up your phone and for the purpose of flaunting your cell phones high technology features, nothing more. Many people become angry by others use of phones so remember that you have a responsibility to others when you make a call. Your phone should complement you and not be an extension of yourself as it you that people will decide whether or not has any social etiquette.

Even if your phone does not include such high technology and innovative features, if you can turn off your phone during meetings and avoid having to annoy the other person in front of you, you are exhibiting a personality that is intrinsic in you. Respect is earned and can lead others to follow your example and turn their cell phones off because it may be a situation where someone else using their cell phone irritates you. In an age where people think about how they look to others a great deal, it is surprising that this has not improved cell phone etiquette but this means that you can do something to change the situation.

Give Us Your Thoughts And Experiences With Your Cell Phone

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