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computer networking and communication guide

Updated on November 8, 2014

Computer networking and communications

Network - refers to interconnection of system/computer with a view of sharing resources/communication purposes

Why share resources?

1. Saving of cost Interconnected computers enable limited resources to be access by many people within a work place or globally. This save on equipment cost, example if you have 10 employees and want to purchase a printer for each of them, you interconnect the employees and buy 1 printer and connect to the 10 computers in the network.

2. Timely data retrieval. Networking help to bring resources at more centralized place which are easily accessible, resources are placed at one centralized place which any one who wants can reach

3. Security/Integrity of data. In secure interconnected computers it safer to transfer data across networking to avoids the tendency of your devices getting stolen

4. Research Research has become very easy with the reach of information available over the internet. This help to save time of undertaking a research that also into saving money and doing a timely report

5. Entertainment Entertainment has become a click of the mouse, you don't have to visit movie cinema as all this movies are available over the internet

6. Business/Trade It has become more lucrative to do business online because millions and millions use the internet daily as compared to shopping supermarkets and shop. Buying a car from one continent to another has become a click of the mouse without having to travel to that continent.

7. Consultancy Expertise is offering their knowledge over the internet for money. Working has become internet commuting that you only need to have internet connection and market your resume globally

We are going to discuss the common types of network we have

a) L.A.N (local area network)

b) W.A.N ( Wide area network)

c) M.A.N (Metropolitant Network)

d) Peer to Peer Network e) Client server Networks

Characteristics of L.A.N

  • Refers to inter connectivity of computers within a given radius of 25 to 30 miles.
  • They are always within a building
  • Characterized by same transmission medium e.g. broadband
  • Characterized by same operating system example running on a window platform of same version.
  • They run on a special cables e.g. Fibre, optic cables
  • Uses same transmission techniques could be digital (0&1)broad band analogue(waves) Advantages
  • Fast transmission of data
  • Low cost of establishment compare to other types of network
  • More Secure because it's not connected to the public
  • Easy to set up since media of same characteristic are needed Disadvantages
  • Doesn't support many users since it's within a radius or a building.
  • Is limited to resources

Characteristics of Wide Area Network

  • Connect computers to a large geographical area normally within a town or a country
  • Support many users
  • Transmission of data is slow
  • Security is compromised since its for public access
  • Needs high specialized people to run it
  • Need high cost of establishment
  • Sharing of resources is unlimited

Characteristics of M.A.N

  • Share the same characteristics of a L.A.N
  • Might be public or private

Peer to peer Networks

  • Refers to computers interconnectivity with no dedicated server to perform any routine work
  • Has got less than ten computers
  • Can exist in all topology
  • Sharing of resources dependent on the users themselves
  • Chaotic network - no centralized management of resources
  • No administrator to run the network
  • All the computers are equal and known as servers
  • Normally each computer function as a client or a server

Characteristics of peer to peer network

a) Cost - the peer to peer network is relatively simply because computer functions as both a client and a server and no need for a powerful central server.

b) Size - It has got no more than ten computers

Factors to consider before designing a Peer to Peer network

1. where there are ten or less ten users of the network

2. where security can be compromised

3. where users are in the same L.A.N

4. If the growth of an organization network is not anticipated in the near future

5. Training - since all computers in the network can both be server and client , users will have to be trained before they are able to function properly as both users and administrators in that computer

6. Security - security consist of setting a password on resources such as directory that is shared on the network because all peer to peer users set their own security and share any existing computers.

3. Server requirement - all computer works as either server or client

4. Sharing resources - where all resources will be accessing by all user

5. Administrators if you intend not to have administrator

Learn about Computer and related information here Computer System


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    • profile image

      Network management tools 

      9 years ago

      Thanks, this is really informative. It really is a complete guide on computer networking. I am in the field for long still i found something valuable here. It can be a great source to a newbie.

    • oderog profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Nairobi

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      9 years ago from Washington , DC

      How do you cut and paste ads ( I know how to cut the pasting part's where I get lost , where do I paste ? )to your hubpages ? I'm a first year CIT Major so PLEASE "dumb it down" for me , also if you could look at my pages and see if I'm set up properly , I get about 80 views a day , is that real bad ? Thank you so much for being my fan and I greatly value your opinion and appreciate any help you could give me . Thanx in advance , Your BIGGEST Fan - King

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      9 years ago


    • oderog profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Nairobi

      Thanks for your comment and geting time to go thru this hub

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      very nice guide. Kudos


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