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Computer Security

Updated on November 21, 2015

Computer Security

Computer security.  With many people switching their systems to a broadband network, the need for computer security education has grown. This lens provides an overview of computer security topics as well as links to resources I use to keep the systems I manage at home and at work secure.
I have taken most of my computer security training from the SANS Institute. For those wondering, I have completed Firewalls, Perimeter Protection and VPNs, Intrusion Detection, Incident Handling and Hacker Techniques, Windows Security, LAMP Secure Online Presence, Wireless Network Auditing and am currently taking web application penetration testing.

News: Use Secunia PSI free tool to check security issues on your PC.

Got a Security Policy? - A policy will guide decisions about how to implement security.

A security policy communicates the company's vision of security, it provides an easy-to-use source of security requirements and is a flexible document which must be updated regularly.

Security Information Event Management SIEM

Managing all of the security information that exist across all of our systems is not an easy task and we can get easily overwhelmed. Find a SIEM solution to help.

LogRhythm The leader in SIEM technology according to Gartner.

Perimeter Secuity - Firewalls, Screened Subnets

The best approach to security is defense-in-depth. Many layers exist from the public internet to your host or servers, these are often defined as the perimeter, network, host, application then the data layers. Each of these layers should have some form of protection in place.

Monitor your hosts and network

It is important to monitor your hosts and network so you will know what normal system behavior looks like. Once this is known, you can set up detectors to look for, and alert you to anomalous behavior.

Intrusion Detection Systems - Are you paranoid?

If you do not watch the activity on your network, you will not know who is knocking.

Auditing your network (Ethical Hacking) - Have you looked yet?

Ethical hacking refers to a testing activity done by an individual who is authorized to audit a network. Always have paperwork which identifies your authorization to use software and test for vulnerabilities on your network.

Password Verification

People are often the weakest link in security. Check the passwords associated with user accounts. Many tools are available for free.

Incident Response / Handling - Are you prepared?

The first step in incident handling is knowing what task has the highest priority, returning the systems to an operational state or collecting evidence in order to prosecute the attackers, if they can be found. The number one rule when collecting evidence is to always have two people collecting evidence removing the possible argument that the data collectors tampered with the evidence.

Wireless Security - How far does your signal go?

Most new computer systems either come with builtin wireless devices or have the option to add a wireless device when purchased. Given the convenience of a wireless network many users set the network up without understanding the security implications of running a wireless network.

Learn from the Bad Guys! - Set out some bait.

There are numerous open source tools available to set up fake servers to watch what techniques or exploits the crackers are using.

Network and System Monitoring Book - Know how to monitor your network and systems.

I have always used the open source SNIPS product to monitor my hosts and network, but Nagios is quickly gaining popularity as the open source choice for network monitoring.

Perimeter Security and Firewall Books

Intrusion Detection Books


Publish your knowledge of computer security by building a lens. It's easy!


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