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Creative Usage of Technology

Updated on February 19, 2019
Angus noder profile image

I have always loved games and gaming. As a nerd, its as natural as breathing. If there are sticks, they need to be picked up.

Schumacher instant power pack ModelSJ1332
Schumacher instant power pack ModelSJ1332

I have a small projector, and because of the way I set it up, I can have a movie playing in about thirty minutes. I have my Play station 4, HDMI cable, two power cables, a controller, charging cable for said controller, and projector. It is all in a bag so I can take it with me if need be. You never know where the party is gonna be at, so size and weight are two concerns for that, but I digress. This usage of technology lets me make memories with those I love. I like being able to provide this experience for friends and family. If I feel like it, I can hook up my battery pack and use it to power this setup remotely for a truly unique experience. Can you imagine how cool it would be to have a movie playing out in the middle of the woods on a giant screen with a fire crackling happily in the background?

I don't bring my stuff out to the field without testing it first, so I ran my laptop and a desk lamp with a 60 watt bulb off of it for about an hour. That is not what it was really designed for, but I feel that it performed outstandingly in this application. The Schumacher instant power pack is the kind that I have. I’m not here to give a comprehensive review on the device itself, but rather explain what it represents. Out of necessity, I need to explain its features so you can understand how you can use something similar. Instead of having to run extension cords everywhere to get power where you really need it, it lets you take two 120 volt AC outlets, two 12 volt DC and a USB outlet to wherever it is applicable. I would not suggest using it in wet circumstances, as it is its own power supply, and I don't see how it would be grounded. With a little bit of planning, you could easily have this on hand to do something similar in order to do something that most people would never dream of.

I can't think of a better way to use this! Also, cut me some slack on the straightness of the lines, it was dark out.

One suggestion I could propose is in the picture above. I have to say, it absolutely made her entire night! I ran down the road with this battery pack in one hand, a coil of rope light in the other and wove it through some fencing so it would come out heart shaped. I ran back and got some cushions, threw them on the ground and called her over. She never suspected it until we were out in the open and I flipped the switch. We stayed out for about an hour or two just stargazing and I imagine she will remember that moment for the rest of her life. It was spontaneous, creative and touching.

When I say that I love technology, and what it can do for us, these are the kind of moments that it can enable you to do. You could very easily use a rope light around a camp fire to create more ambiance for you and a group of friends. It has two plugs so if someone has an amp, you could use it to put on an impromptu concert.

If there’s ever a power outage, it lets you keep your vital electronics running. I even used it in my last job following a windstorm that knocked out power to our store.

At about $150 I would say this gadget is a must have, just from the options that it gives you in a wide range of situations. That could be a dead battery, a flat tire, a power outage, a barbecue, or just showing off for your girlfriend. All that matters is a well executed plan and the results it gets. Done right, you can look like one of those cheesy ads with a bunch of goofs hanging around a campfire, and its all because you planned for it and had the tools necessary to execute at the right time.

When do you get most creative with tech?

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