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Customizing Your Apple Watch with an Apple Watch Band

Updated on December 9, 2016

That coarse, phone- zombie stance is rapidly becoming the picture that depicts this decade’s definition. Luckily, the goal of the Apple Watch is to enhance the way to use an iPhone through a watch, potentially changing how we interact with other people—and our phones (since we will be spending less time holding our cell phone in front of our faces). After all,” Looking at your own wrist is different to looking at a standalone black box, partly because looking at a watch has a history that predates the digital era” says Jess Cartner- Morley (Guardian’s fashion editor)

The rise of Apple Watch

It’s now almost a year since the Apple Watch had been launched by Apple Inc. and we have been seeing major improvements from software upgrades, latest Apple watch band options down to a price cut. Although still not considered as a must- have product, “Apple watch remains the best designed and most capable smartwatch you can buy” according to Scott Stein (Senior Editor / Reviews - Wearable Tech of

These watches have 3 variations: The mid-range stainless steel Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and Apple Watch Edition that will help you find the right iwatch that fits you and your personality.

Apple Watches has 3 models that are beautiful in their own individual ways.
Apple Watches has 3 models that are beautiful in their own individual ways.

In addition, Apple's Made for Apple Watch Program gave Apple approval to third- party accessory makers to sell iwatch bands! Now you can enjoy a wealth of other options and not get stuck with customary looking bands and customary boring colors.

Third party accesory makers give sleek and trendy band designs
Third party accesory makers give sleek and trendy band designs

Third party iwatch band makers such as BRG Tech, offers an Apple watch band 42mm with a refined strap for a lesser price.

List of Apple Watch Bands

It is important to keep in mind that some of these bands are limited to one case size and others only cover a limited range, but no worries because Apple has a comprehensive sizing guide. So before you pick an iwatch band, measure your wrist basing from the guide.

(click column header to sort results)
iWatch Band  
Available Sizes  
Sport Band
Custom high-performance fluoroelastomer with a pin-and-tuck closure
• 38mm: Small/medium fits wrists 130mm to 180mm; Medium/large fits wrists 150mm to 200mm
• 42mm: Small/medium fits wrists 140mm to 185mm; Medium/large fits wrists 160mm to 210mm
Woven Nylon Band
Durable nylon weave with a comfortable, fabric-like feel
•38mm: 125–195mm wrists
• 42mm: 145–215mm wrists
(only has one size for each case)
Modern Buckle
Smooth Granada leather with a two piece magnetic closure
only available for the 38mm version, in three sizes:
• Small: Fits wrists 135mm to 150mm
• Medium: Fits wrists 145mm to 165mm
• Large: Fits wrists 160mm to 180mm
Leather Loop
Quilted Venezia leather with an adjustable magnetic closure
only available for the 42mm version, in two sizes:
• Medium: Fits wrists 150mm to 185mm
• Large: Fits wrists 180mm to 210mm
Link Bracelet
Crafted from 316L stainless steel alloy with a custom butterfly closure
•38mm: Fits wrists 135mm to 195mm
• 42mm Fits wrists 140mm to 205mm
(only has one size for each case)
Milanese Loop
Woven stainless steel mesh with an adjustable magnetic closure
Has one size that fits all situations, with a wide range for each of the case models
• 38mm: Fits wrists 130mm to 180mm
• 42mm: Fits wrists 150mm to 200mm
The following traditional bands give you enough options to choose from, but if any of it do not appeal to you you can always check other designs offered by third party watch band makers.

Without the aid of any tools, you can swap iWatch bands to other Apple Watches given that the watch and the band are of the same size. Although Apple’s proprietary system made switching bands easy, it also means that you probably won’t be able to switch with just any band for example: an Apple Watch 42mm only fits an Apple Watch band 42mm or the solid-gold hardware accents on the rose gray Modern Buckle band won’t match the anodized aluminum finish of the Apple Watch Sport, and even if it did the outcome might be different.

So there you have it, I really hope this article helped you.


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