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Developing Iphone Apps: Ideas & Resources

Updated on February 20, 2016

Introduction to the world of iphone Apps

Have you ever wanted to research or know in detail about a topic or a new interest but don't know where to start?

Well you have come to the right place as i always have this issues and find i spend large amounts of time searching when i could actually be taking action. I am a research scientist by training and find myself investigating or working on a wide range of projects, often at the same time. and more often then not over the course of a few week i have compiled large amounts of information but the project changes or gets terminated.

what should i did with all that information?

That's when i discovered Hub Pages, So i have decided to share some of the cool and useful resources that i find in whatever new project i maybe working on, In hopes that it will guide you in your own personal projects or interests.

Here is my latest interest "Developing iphone Apps" i know nothing about them and don't have a IT background but it can be done with a little bit of research.


Current market trends and whats available.

Recently a few friends suggested to me, "let make some apps" both as a hobby but potently a business so we can quit or partly quit our jobs and have more freedom in our lives. First i knew nothing about apps and didn't even have a iphone at that time. So i started to look into the apple apps world using a systematic approach.

Below are some of the steps i took that will help you quickly understand the market and hopefully guide you in the development of your ideas and apps

There is far too much information about apps development so i will keep these lenses focused, short and to the point. For more details i suggest going into the links & resource provided. I will no doubt add additional lenses in future about the other consideration in apps development.

Focus: To provide a general overview of the App world and start generating ideas.

Step 1

Start by studying the current market trends (useful links before)

Step 2

Also one of the obvious place to get ideas is by studying the itune store. Taking special note of the top apps list for ideas.

Step 3

Select a category of apps you are interested in and conduct more detailed look at some of the Apps.

  • Focus on the apps description and features
  • Developers website and other apps published by the developer

By now you should have at least a few app ideas and which ones worth refining. I personally would have about 10 apps to investigate further.

Stay tune for my next Hub Page - Developing iphone Apps: Idea & Resources Part 2

Recommened Books

I highly recommend having a look at these books but especially the ones from Dave Wooldridge or David Appleyards, they are simple to understand and provides a good overview of the apps market in a nutshell with minimal programming tech jargon.

CNBC - Planet of the Apps

Very interesting report on Iphone apps

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      jillian22 5 years ago

      I really like the information about app trends. How to Write an App