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Developing iphone Apps: Ideas & Resources Part 2

Updated on February 20, 2016

Top 10 iphone App sites worth reviewing

Have you ever wanted to research or know in detail about a topic or a new interest but don't know where to start?

Well you have come to the right place. I am a researcher and find myself investigating or working on a wide range of projects and more often then not over the course of a few weeks i have compiled large amounts of information. so I have decided to share some of the resources i have found in my hubs.

This Hub Page is the second in a series i am planing called " Developing iphone App Ideas Resources" i wanted to use a short and focused hubs format as i am not fond of large amounts of text and with the variety of topics in the development of Apps makes this a practical solution.

In my last hub "Developing iphone App Ideas Resources" i outlined websites, books and links that provides a overview of the world of iphone Apps and how to generate and refine your ideas. Now during this len i will outline links which will enable you to do more in detailed research and refinement of your idea.


Refinement of ideas by looking at similar apps & features

Step 1

Once you have an idea for an app the new step is to do a in depth analysis. Here i have provided links to some of the most useful reviews website i have found. First pick a few of the site that you are comfortable using.

Step 2

Start searching for similar apps and note the results and developers. Begin to compile a list or database of the results.

Step 3

Once you have compiled the information a comparative analysis can be done in terms the pro & cons of there feature.

Features to note:

  • Design & layout
  • Price points vs free or lite version
  • Category and potential cross overs
  • Reviewers comments & social media results (FB or twitter follower)

Top 10 iphone review sites

By no mean is this an extensive list or a ranking of the sites themselves but these are just some of the most useful and well designed site i have come across.

During this process, you will also generate new criteria for comparisons, i generally start with a few and let then grow, it quite a creative and organics process. but eventually you will have that eureka moment of that killer app, with great design & features.


The key is to not plan one app but maybe two for a second version so as not to add too many "bells & whistles" to your app.

Also keep in mind and always ask yourself what problem or niche does your app solve. or whats cool about it.

Note: Although i have focused on iphone Apps but the method and resources can also be applied to ipads, itouch and Android Apps.

The Ipod Revolution - Great! Documentary describing the raise of Apple and its moves into Apps

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    • profile image

      pat3ck 5 years ago

      Nice list of iPhone app review sites. You might have missed one authoritative review site, btw, - Tapscape. It has a PageRank of 5 and an Alexa rank of less than 63k.

      Hope it helps!